What is the maximum number of students in the class?

The number of the students per class depends on the total number of the students at the same Grade level studying at school. Each class mainly consists of 19-21 students.

How many native speaking teachers do you have at school?

In the Primary school there is one expatriate English teacher in each class level, while in the Secondary school this number varies by subjects.

What is included in tuition fee?

A school uniform (one set), food, extra-curricular activities organized during school hours and educational field trips are included in the tuition fee.

Is transportation included in the tuition fee?

No, it doesn’t. Additional payment is required for using the transportation service provided by “School buses”. The price varies depending on the distance.

Is there an online monitoring of the lessons via camera? Are there cameras in the classrooms?

No, there is not online monitoring of lessons via camera. There are not cameras in the classrooms.