PYP Exhibition

Dear Community members,

At the end of each academic year, Grade4 students conduct the PYP Exhibition as a final project of the Primary Years Programme, where they demonstrate their skills and knowledge to the entire school community.

Annually, the PYP Exhibition is dedicated to one of the six transdisciplinary themes.  This year, the whole project is based on the “How We Express Ourselves” unit of inquiry. During the last eight weeks, the Grade4 students have been making inquiry-based research and collaboratively preparing outstanding material and creating their own websites.

You all are kindly invited to take part in the Primary Years' celebration of learning on Monday, June 8th from 18:30 to 20:00. Please be ready to discover the new approaches to how people express themselves!

We would like to see you all at our PYP Exhibition! All the important details will be sent in the following week.