XX session of MUNDP, Istanbul, Turkey

Between 20.02.2020 – 23.02.2020 there was held the 20th session of MUNDP (Development Programme of Model United Nations) among upper class students in Turkey, Istanbul. The session was organized by Koch School of Turkey.

More than 650 students from 40 schools representing Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, the United  Kingdom, Turkey, India, Azerbaijan and other countries took part  at the Session.

     This year European Azerbaijan School was represented by 7 students. These students are:

  • Rzayeva Firaga (Grade 10)
  • Rzayev Ibrahim (Grade 10)
  • Mehdizada Nargiz (Grade 10)
  • Jafarli Niliza (Grade10)
  • Valili Nihad (Grade 10)
  • Dadashov Ismayil (Grade10)
  • Sadigov Ali (Grade 9)

   MUNDP is the only conference in the world modelling United Nations Organization. Each year, the organizing party as a theme chooses one of the developing regions to establish its Regional Bureau. The theme of this year was the Arab League . Arab league consists of 22 countries with a population of about 350 million. This year's MUNDP agenda included a discussion of a number of Arab League issues, including ways to improve gender equality, promote economic equality and growth, ease social and political conflicts and discuss the solutions of environmental issues. These issues were discussed by students from different countries and schools in 6 different international organizations.     

As the conference was conducted in English, the students' skills in the field had been taken into consideration. Our students were represented in five organizations. Nargiz Mehdizadeh and Ismail Dadashov in UNCS (Security Council), Firaga Rzayeva and Niliza Jafarova in UNESCO, Ali Sadykov in UNODA (UN Disarmament Committee), Nihad Valili in UNDPPA (Committee on Political Affairs and Peace) and Ibrahim Rzayev in UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Committee). Our students, who took an active part in the discussions, were awarded certificates in the end.