The European Azerbaijan School has a fully staffed Kitchen and dining hall that provides both breakfast and lunch to students and staff.


“Hayat Catering” is a food serving company which has been producing healthy and hygienic food since its foundation, and focuses on staff training and constantly improvement of an infrastructure. The company has been catering for students, teachers and administrative staff for three years at the EAS. “Hayat Catering” utilizes the latest technological equipment in the field of quality and hygiene and uses products of the well-known brands. Because, the company attaches great importance to quality and hygiene. All stages from cooking to serving are realized in accordance with international quality standards. The company has been providing teachers, students and administrative staff with the highest standards of service. To achieve this, all phases of the workflow are strictly controlled, appropriate inspections are carried out and appropriate changes are made if needed. Foods are cooked deliciously by experienced cooks using the best quality products of well-known brands. Meat is cut every day and is always fresh - the meat cuts are carried out by the company's employees. While dishes are prepared the best oil, fresh vegetables and fruits are used. All works in the production and service phase are carried out under the supervision of an experienced Food engineer. For detailed information, please, visit

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