Transport service

Transport Service is realised through the School Buses at the EAS which meet modern requirements. There are six School Buses at the European Azerbaijan School. Students are taken and delivered to the school by the drivers every day from the closest stops to their homes based on the schedule provided by the transport coordinator. 131 students use this service during a day. The School Buses operate from the different parts of our city. Also, there is a guide-teacher in each school bus. As soon as a student enters a bus a guide-teacher fastens student’s seat belt and only then a bus begins to move. Guide-teachers operate according to the specific guidance. According to this guidance students’ maximum safety should be provided. After lessons are over guide-teachers check (inspect) for students on a bus and only then a bus leaves the school. Reaching the student’s address, a guide-teacher rings to a student’s parent and after a parent’s coming the doors are opened and a student is handed over to his/her parent.
The EAS School Bus drivers are tested every 3 months according to the BP Safety Rules which are well-known in the world. In addition, our drivers know all rules regarding to the First Aid.
The School Buses are equipped with fire extinguishers and First Aid kits. GPS navigation systems and surveillance cameras are installed on the buses. These cameras note in and out of the buses.
There are also two cars operating at the EAS. Those cars are used to serve for guests who visit our school and also for other purposes.


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