Secondary school clubs

Club activities are as important as teaching of sciences at our Department of Secondary Education. Club activities develop such abilities of students as to be active, flexible, independent, principled, etc. Social clubs aim to teach students to efficiently organize their leisure time and properly manage their talents.

Our school is developing new projects to make your child's time at school more productive. Our plan is to create an environment for students enabling them to apply knowledge they gain and deepen their knowledge, take care of their physical health, train them in a team spirit, teach them not simply fulfill their home assignments, but also learn the ways how to solve them and participate in extracurricular competitions and tournaments. For this purpose, there are more than 40 clubs which involve specialists, functioning at our school.

These include: Carpet Weaving, Pottery, Handicrafts, Basketball, Modern Drawing, “Ebru”, Drama (Azerbaijani and Russian), “Khamsa” and Designer clubs. Along with clubs after-school activities are also organized at our school. Through these activities we also build synergy with students within the CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) Program along with effective organization of students’ leisure time.

The afterschool activities are divided into two categories: free and paid ones. These include mainly Sports and Arts activities. Paid clubs run continuously and train professionals. Free afterschool activities help students leverage their leisure time and help them to direct their future choices.

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