Director’s Welcome

Asif Jahangirov

Dear parents, students and teachers,

Dear website visitor,

As the Director of EAS, I am happy to great you.

We recognize that there are many options for education in Baku and we are delighted that you have preferred or you are considering the EAS for the education of your child.

Our difference is offering challenging opportunities to our students. As an IB School, our philosophy is to give genuine attention to our students: how they learn, what they learn and what they aim to achieve with their education in future. Quality of education is our main goal, but we also promote the process of learning from one another. We aspire to be a learning school which is reflected on our actions with an open mind and heart. We are willing to engage in dialogue with all concerned with the school: students, parents and all other stakeholders.

I am pleased with the progress that has been made at the EAS over the past years. We have successfully achieved to offer all programmes of IB: PYP, MYP and DP which has enriched our learning environment greatly. These developments are accompanied by enhanced opportunities in the modern teaching and learning programmes at EAS. These programmes support our belief that it is essential that students know how to think and apply their learning. They also support our focus on creating a secure and caring learning environment.

Azerbaijani and English language support are also a vital part of the EAS programme. As an inclusive school, we successfully implement EAL programme which offers high level AA opportunity to the newly enrolled students.

The EAS children learn that personal effort and self-motivation are pre-requisites to success at school and in life. As our mission states we strive to provide students with those skills essential for success and fulfilment in our 21st century. I am proud to mention that our graduates study in top universities in Europe, in particular, in the UK, as well as the US and Canada.

Our teachers are well-trained in the IB teaching methodology which stresses inquiry learning, critical thinking and application of ideas both to a local and international frame of reference.
Well-trained international teachers work hand-in-hand with our excellent local staff to provide a truly quality education. The school provides a wealth of professional development opportunities at the ELC, Primary and Secondary levels so that teachers know and apply the best educational methodology. Trained administrative staff support and guide the teachers’ efforts in this important area.

Our long-term goal is to train a pool of local teachers and administrators to achieve sustainability of applying international best educational practices at EAS.

Alongside of our academic programmes we also offer a series of student activities and clubs to enhance students’ interests, abilities, mental activities and intellectual capacities. Our coeducational sport programmes are developing rapidly and we successfully compete with a lot of local schools. Our students actively participated in Knowledge Olympiads, in the Model programme of the United Nations Organization and in the European Youth Parliament. We have English summer camps both in Baku and abroad.

We have successfully established Student Council members composed of representatives of different grades. Representing V-XI grades they share ideas, interests and concerns with teachers and School management.

To improve the teaching and learning environment at EAS, to enhance the mutual relationship between the school and the parents and to integrate their efforts we have recently established a Parent Teacher Association and successfully held its first conference on 14th of December 2019. We are sure that democratically elected PTA Council and the PTA Chairman who is one of our active parents will give our community a chance to better understand our programmes and to develop constructive dialogues with us.

We have also seen a significant increase in our technology and Library resources at the EAS. Our student “iPad programme” in the Primary and the secondary laptop initiatives are only two of important examples. For 2020-2021 we have many new plans in these areas!

We care about well-being of our students. With confidence I can say that the food we offer in our canteen is very healthy, nutritious and also unique. Menu meets the requirements of the modern international standards for the nutrition of the children. It is prepared by the food engineer and calorie of food is strictly observed. The meal is cooked in the School canteen and offered fresh. Twice a week we offer fresh juice of the fruits of the season. Students are not allowed to bring food from outside to avoid food poisoning and unhealthy nutrition.

EAS School Bus service provides a safe and convenient transport option between home and school. Students are transported in special buses manufactured exclusively for the transportation of children. In addition to the driver, we also arrange a bus guide on each bus who is responsible for monitoring students through the whole way.

You will find everything you need to know about our School on our website.

In closing, let me once again extend my warm welcome to the EAS.

With kindest wishes,

Asif Jahangirov

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