Scholarship Programmes/Financial Aid

TEAS Scholarships are offered for gifted and talented new students from poor families seeking to enrol at the school in Grades 5 to 11. Students seeking to apply for the Excellence Scholarships have to indicate this on the application form. The awarding of the Excellence Scholarships is by a series of examinations.

The Board of Trustees has a Financial Aid Program in place to support the educational aspirations of talented children of low-income families or who are veterans of the Karabakh War or children whose parents have disabilities or where a child has displayed high educational results but their families have financial difficulties. Parents seeking assistance with school fees are able to approach the school in confidence and request application forms for Financial Aid that must be fully and accurately completed, with the required attached supporting documentation required, in order for the Board to consider the application. The Board of Trustees will consider all applications and the school will inform parents of the outcome in a timely fashion.

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