The European Azerbaijan School offers a bus transport service within Baku for students from age 5.
All drivers have the required passenger transport license and undergo intensive testing and review of performance on an annual basis. Drivers are all trained in First Aid and undergo regular training with the doctor of the school.
All buses have a ‘Bus Assistant’ who travels on the bus with the students to monitor and support the students.
All school buses are equipped with safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits as well as with GPS and control cameras that monitor driving safety.


The transport fee varies between 60 – 140 manat per month depending on the distance travelled.
Standards of Behaviour:
The use of the school bus transport is a privilege not a right. All students are expected to comply with the transport code and be seated with seat belts fastened at all time and to display the highest standards of behaviour expected from students at the EAS.
Non-compliance with the transport code will result in a student no longer being eligible to use the bus service.

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