Early Learning Centre (preschool program)

The ELC at EAS offers:
• International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP)
• English language of instruction
• Emphasis on Social and Emotional growth through the development of the IB Learner Profile
• Literacy, Numeracy and transdisciplinary learning through play
• Two age levels: 4-year-old class, 5-year-old class
• Specialist Azerbaijani, Art, Music, Dance, Library and PE lesson

Language Development:
• English-speaking homeroom teachers and teaching staff with Azerbaijani language ability in each classroom
• Children are expected to be proficient to our grade 1 standard in English by the end of the 5-year-old program
• Parents are expected to support this development at home

Independence and Self-Management:
• Children are expected to feed themselves
• Children are expected to use the toilet independently
• Children are expected to dress and change their clothes independently

*Children who do not have these skills at the beginning of the year will be supported by teachers as needed.
*Parents are expected to support this initiative at home and all children are expected to develop these skills in reasonable time.

*We do not have facilities for diaper changing. All children must be out of diapers by the time they begin school*

• Adequate rest time is provided for the children each day
• No beds are provided for the children and no sleep time is scheduled
• Some children require an afternoon nap at the beginning of the year. We expect children to leave school at an appropriate time to accommodate this nap until they are sleeping the recommended 10-12 hours only at night

Outdoor play:
• Outdoor play twice per day (weather permitting)

Daily Schedule:
• A rolling start will occur at the beginning of the year on a case by case basis dependent on student needs
• Teachers and parents will work together to decide when their individual child is ready for the full day program

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