Secondary School

The EAS Secondary School offers only international programs, in IB MYP (Middle Years Programme), Cambridge IGCSE, and IB DP (Diploma Programme). Students additionally may take a small number of supporting lessons necessary to complete the ATESTAT exams in Grade 9. Teaching of core subjects (English, Maths, Sciences and some Humanities) is in English language courses with Azerbaijani subjects in Azerbaijani along with some minor subjects. Strong English language support is available for most students and there is an intensive programme of additional support (“EAL Accelerated Access” programme) for those who meet the language at a minimal level but are not quite able to access curriculum teaching at first.

Special features of the middle school are:
• Specialist teachers in both Middle Years and Upper Years who teach mostly at this level
• Dedicated programme coordinators who guide their academic programmes and support learning
• A clear linkage in terms of curriculum and teaching methods with the PYP in Primary, through MYP, to the requirements of IGCSE and DP at the next level
• A well planned program of activities especially suited to the needs of students of this age and designed to promote their social, emotional and academic growth • Strong pastoral leadership and social-emotional and community action programmes to develop “the whole child”
• Additional offerings for non-Azerbaijani students who cannot follow language courses in the local language.

The IGCSE Program Grades 8-9 –Grades 8-9

The IGSCE is part of the programs offered by the Cambridge International Examinations organization. Students will take a core program of subjects over a two-year period and at the end of the second year they will take the IGCSE Examinations in most subjects. The IGCSE is seen as an excellent preparation for the IB Diploma Program in grades 10 and 11. Students will have choices in terms of a foreign language and also with some electives IGCSE Offerings Available at EAS:
• Mathematics – Core and Extended
• English Language and Literature
• Science-Combined
• History
• Geography
• Enterprise
• Languages
• Design
• (Arts subjects to be added throughout 2018-20.)

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) Grades 10 and 11.

EAS is an authorized IB school offering the IB Diploma Program. This program is a pre-university program recognized globally for its world-beating standards. Students take a total of six courses over a period of two years. The courses chosen are based on the student’s abilities and career path. Students must take courses in their first language, a second language, mathematics, science, Individual and Society (history, economics, etc.) and a sixth subject which can be an arts elective or a second science, study of man or language. As part of the IB DP requirements students must complete an Extended Essay, a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course and a community service program (CAS). Roughly 30% of the final mark in a course (this depends somewhat on the syllabus) is assessed internally and 70% is assessed externally by the IB. Each course is graded on a 1 to 7 (highest) scale. A total point score for all six subjects must at least 24 to gain the diploma. Below are listed the choices that the school is prepared to offer for the incoming 10 grade class. Some options may not be offered if there is not sufficient student enrolment. A full list of EAS Course offerings can be acquired from the Secondary admissions team and depends partially on students joining. We schedule to increase from 18 to 24 course offerings in 2018-19.

What makes our EAS Secondary School special:

• We hire highly qualified teachers with a large proportion of foreign hire staff.
• A support network of services to assist students’ social, language, and learning needs as well as university counselling.
• A varied student activity and club program which includes offering in the arts, sports, student government, Model United Nations and the European Youth Parliament
• A state-of-the-art campus including modern and well-equipped science labs, top sports facilities including a swimming pool and gymnasium, a modern theatre, a fully equipped computer lab, music and art rooms, a spacious library and large and comfortable dining area.
• EAS is a school dedicated to creating a true learning community making full use of its Azerbaijani setting and its global perspective.


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