Educational Technology at EAS

Right now, at this very moment in time, the world is involved in the most rapid technology shift ever dreamed of. People are learning from their peers, the internet, video, chat sites, blogs and podcasts. Schools are faced with the challenge of providing students with an education that is suited for these fast-changing times. Technology is a core element of such an education and the use of digital equipment enables students to access information, collaborate, communicate, create, and innovate in ways that were impossible in the past.
At the EAS we offer many up-to-date technologies for our students. The focus of our technology use always revolves around student learning. Through on-going training of both staff and students we strive to enhance learning with the effective, efficient, and responsible use of technology.
Our ICT department installs and maintains the necessary communications infrastructure: Internet, library systems, blog sites, web sites, wireless, school information system, printers, and servers to support the educational technology needs of the students, staff, and parents in our school.

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