University Admissions

Attending a good university and pursuing a rewarding career is what we desire for all of our students. Our research has shown that nearly 80% of our 8th and 9th graders hope to attend university abroad. We work with these students to achieve this goal.
In Azerbaijan, students take a test in their last year of high school; the results of this test determine where they may attend university. In International Education, the process is not quite so simple. Students apply to universities at or before the beginning of their final year of high school. Most universities will announce their admissions decisions by the middle of that year. Thus, it is important that students have a clear idea of which universities they will apply to before the eleventh grade. With over 3500 universities in the United States alone, that process can be daunting. Fortunately, we have some resources that could help.
At, students and parents could find a number of resources to help them navigate the university application process. The first question a student must ask is, "What career do I want?" Our Careers Counsellor and teaching staff help students access these resources to assist them with their decision-making.

When it comes to selecting a university, many issues must be considered:
1) Does it offer a program that will prepare me for my career?
2) Can I afford it? If not, do they offer scholarships or financial aid? Do they offer special scholarships for international students?
Special university search tools linked to our website can search to find institutions that meet these criteria.
In addition to these fundamental questions, some other choices must be considered: 
1) What size college do I want to attend? 
2) Do I want to attend university in a big city or in the countryside? 
3) Is there a specific city or area of a country in which I want to study? 
4) Does it matter to me if they have a football team? 
5) Do I care if the college is all girls, all boys, or mixed?

Using these criteria can narrow the number of universities for consideration from nearly 4,000 to just a few, making the process of researching them much easier.
Once students have selected a few universities of interest, it's time for them to advise the universities of their strengths. Most universities have a special person in their admissions office whose only job is to work with international students.
All of this takes time - which is why we encourage our 8th and 9th grade students and their parents to start researching now.

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