Admissions to Universties Abroad

There is an interest in Overseas Study, particularly at Universities in the USA and the UK. University representatives from the USA and the UK regularly run expos in Baku. School trips are organised so the EAS students could meet with the representatives to help with their career planning.
Applications to American Universities are supported through the College Board in the US and processed by the universities themselves.

In the UK, prospective students apply to The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) which runs a points system for places throughout the United Kingdom.

A sample of UCAS Topics
1. Getting started
International and EU students
Information for parents
2. Find a course
Browse through the UCAS search tool
3. Apply and Track
Filling in an application
Writing a personal statement
Interview invitations
Tracking applications
4. Finance and support
Information about admissions to other International Universities is encouraged by searching online and consulting with the Careers Counsellor.

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