Senior Leadership Team

Asif Jahangirov

Asif Jahangirov


All my career relates to education. I began my pedagogical career as a village teacher. At the age of 28 I was appointed the Head of Sumgayit City Education Department, then I worked as the Head of Division and the Chairman of the Head Office of the Schools at the Ministry of Education Azerbaijan Republic. Later I was appointed the Head of Main Education Department of Baku City. I also worked as the Director of the Project İmlementation (Coordination) Unit of Azerbaijan Education Reform Project founded with the loan agreement signed with the World Bank.
I have always paid a great attention to the improvement of my education level and competences and strived to learn the most current international practices in education. I participated with lectures and presentations in international conferences and seminars held in 22 countries (the USA, Finland, Sweden, England, Israel, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, etc.)
Some of my numerous conceptual approaches about general education are as follows:
• Each child is a unique world and a child stands on the highest rank of the education management hierarchy. The main duty of a teacher, a director, educational departments and a Ministry of Education, that stand on the lower levels of the hierarchy, is to provide constant educational opportunities that take into consideration the students’ main inclinations, interests, cognitive abilities and intellectual uniqueness;
• The teacher is the most important person in the child’s learning journey. He/she should have advanced subject knowledge, general cultural and pedagogical competences and should be provided with incessant professional development to fulfill the duties required by modern education;
• A school should function in a permanent improvement regime. The teachers, the students and the school administrators should always make progress;
• The path to success in education is to constantly cooperate and communicate with the families/guardians. Pedagogical enlightenment of guardians is a significant factor leading to success;
• Provision of perfect education, safe functional condition for students and school staff, lasting security of students’ health is the main duty of the School Management.

Currently, I am the member of the Public Council attached to the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic and the president of the International Association of Educational Institutions of Humanist Pedagogics.
In these years, I was awarded the title of “Honoured Teacher of the Azerbaijan Republic” (2000), gained the “Taraggi” medal of the government (2017) and was awarded the golden badge of “The Knight of Humanist Pedagogics” by the International Centre of Humanist Pedagogics” (2018).
Last but not least one of my greatest personal accomplishments is that I have been happily married to Rena Jahangirova (Kadirova). She is a teacher of Azerbaijan Language and Literature. We have 3 children and 6 incredible grandchildren.

Françesko Bançini

Francesco Banchini

Deputy Director, IB Coordinator

Francesco Banchini is an experienced leader, educator, researcher, composer and performer, having implemented many innovations in international schools. He has published many CDs, a book on historical musical notation, articles on leadership and education, and movie soundtracks. He holds Masters degrees in Music from Tor Vergata University, Rome and the Conservatory of Music, Naples, a Certificate in International Leadership and Organizational Behaviour (Bocconi University), A Certificate in Advance Educational Leadership (Harvard University), and an MA in Educational Leadership and Management (University of Bath). His educational experience has spanned a wide range of schools and curricula including extensive work within the IBMYP and IBDP as a coordinator, examiner, trainer and presenter (IB Global Conferences, AIE, ECIS Leadership & Teacher Conferences, NYU Steinhardt, TEDx). His main areas of research include the role of culture in education and how leadership can be enhanced through the use of creativity.


Renata Novruzova

Primary Principal

Renata is an experienced Leader, coordinator, and teacher, and her main focus is the Primary Years Programme. Throughout her career, she has been exposed to various teaching systems and curriculums in multiple international/intercultural contexts. She worked in three different schools such as BIS, TISA and currently as Primary Principal at EAS. Renata believes in the life-long learning journey and targeted professional development, which is based on the achievement of academic goals and intensive studying. Her major research is about International Education through a personal and group approach developing new educational methods, strategies, and impact on multicultural behavioral using diverse management techniques.

Ragsana Mammadova

Ragsana Mammadova

Secondary Principal

Ragsana Mammadova graduated from Azerbaijan University of Languages with honours where she worked as a Senior Teacher for 17 years. In 1999-2000 she studied at the University of Leeds with the scholarship of the British Government where she achieved Master’s Degree in Education.
She worked as the Assistant Director of the Project Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Education (2000-2001), Personal Assistant to the British Ambassador (2001-2008), Secretary General (2010-2013), Head of Education Department (2013-2019) of the Azerbaijan Representation of The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS). In 2011 she was involved in establishment of European Azerbaijan School. When EAS Board of Trustees was established in 2013, she became Board Secretary.
She is the President of Azerbaijan English Teachers’ Association (AzETA). She has attended international events on education in different countries, including, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Norway, Qatar, Serbia, Turkey, UAE, UK, US, Uzbekistan as a participant and presenter. She has attended training courses, including, but not limited to: Online training for Heads of School: Implementing the MYP Curriculum (Online, 2019), EAS Mission Session by Adizes Institute (Baku, 2019), Phase IV Synerscope: SYNDAG session on Change Management by Adizes Institute (Baku, 2018), Board Governance Training by European Council of International Schools (ECIS) (London, 2013), Skilled Helping & Feedback (UK, 2011), Leadership Development Certificate Program (US, 2009), Effective Management training by British Council (UK, 2009), Modern trends in school management (Israel, 2001).
Her main area of research is teacher professional development, learner autonomy, reflective leadership, education management.

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