Senior Leadership Team


Gary Crippin


When I took the position at the EAS I was excited about the vision of the founders to create a model school in Azerbaijan which would blend the best of western and international models with Azerbaijan culture and society.

After teaching at the university level I began my administrative career abroad a little over thirty years ago. I have served as a Secondary Director in Caracas Venezuela and later as head of school at two schools in Italy, Myanmar, Turkey and the Republic of Georgia. I have worked closely with the IB in almost all of my schools and introduced the programs, both Diploma Program and Primary Years, to three different schools. I have a long experience in the areas of curriculum and student assessment and for three years was on the faculty in Turkey of the Bilkent University Graduate School of Education where I trained teachers. I have continued to keep myself involved in the classroom at any of the schools I have directed and currently at the EAS I am teaching the IB Theory of Knowledge. What has always been the prime motivation for me in education has been creating ‘schools that work’- that is creating effective partnerships to the best enhance student learning and well-being.


Renata Novruzova

Primary Principal

I have 17 years of experience in teaching primary children in diverse settings. Throughout my career I have been exposed to various teaching systems and curriculums in multiple international/intercultural contexts. 

In 2013, I made a decision to take an offer from the European Azerbaijan School (EAS) for the position of PYP Coordinator for Primary English Department and PYP English Teacher. The task given to me by the school management was to start applying PYP teaching methods into English lessons that I was responsible for. The students experienced all the benefits of inquiry based program through motivation and engagement, social and emotional development, student-centered classroom setting and the differentiation method.

Working in PYP Coordinator position from August 2016 to June 2017, I have gained incredible benefits such as management skills and expanded my understanding of PYP units planning system. I have coordinated teachers during units of inquiry planning and assessment stage. 

On my current position, I will ensure our students receive a quality education within a safe, respectful environment. I am confident, that through the strong connection between home and school and a productive cooperation with everyone associated with the EAS, our school will be a successful place for our students to learn and grow.


Ms. Valida Hasanova

The Assistant Primary Principal

I feel happy being the assistant principal in the primary school. Previously I had worked as an assistant principal and a teacher in a primary school and was a member of a committee for preparation of curriculum standards for Azerbaijan language and mathematics. I have also been a teacher trainer and love to learn and teach. I am proud of creating the best learning practices and instilling in students a love of learning. I am sure our students will leave the European Azerbaijan School with dreams, new perspectives and values which will take them forward into their future lives.


Rosie Hydar

Middle Years Coordinator 

Salam! My name is Rosie Hydar and I am the Middle Years Coordinator at the EAS. Life can be its own education, and so it has proved for me. Having worked in three different fields and now in education for nearly 20 years, I can still say that I can constantly be learning. I have worked in and with schools as a teacher, a teacher leader, a programme coordinator, a deputy principal and a consultant/IB workshop leader (teacher educator) in Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan, as well as many other countries across Europe and Asia.
My own family are multi-cultural and multi-faith and I know at first hand the importance of honouring and respecting all parts of our national identities in order to understand our international identities. My ambition for all our children is that they grow to become the best possible versions of themselves, empowered with the skills and confidence to drive and support principled, positive development in their future communities. We are excited to be here in Azerbaijan for the next part of our learning journeys to be together. Gedək!


Tural Abbasov

Business Manager

I greet you on behalf of the students and the entire staff of the European Azerbaijan School. My name is Tural. I work as a Business Manager of the school. I feel ready to spend my experience which I have gained over the past 13 years in various local and international organisations, companies and government agencies on quality management, micro-infrastructure projects, financial search, community development and family business for the development of our school. The European Azerbaijan School provides each student a diverse and vibrant education in a safe and supportive environment that promotes innovation, creativity, global perspectives, and critical thinking. As a team, we would like to assure each parent that exactly in the European Azerbaijan School your child will be educated in a safe and healthy environment based on innovative and world-wide experience which meets the challenges and difficulties of modern time. We are convinced that our students will be new generation engineers, scientists, cybernetics, neurosurgeons, designers, and finally those who will build the space industry. This is the stimulus which drives us forward. We look forward to your cooperation with us in the development of a new, educated and contemporary generation that will open to the modern world.


Ms Amalya Sezgin

HR Director

I am greeting you as a Human Resources and Public Relations director of the European Azerbaijan School. I am very pleased to have worked in the administration team since 2011 when the school opened. Although I didn’t have a previous experience as a school director, 17 years of experience as a university teacher, as well as coordinating international educational projects and experience gained during pre-service teacher training program helped me in the administration of the school. I have always supported democratic leadership approaches and tried to sample them. I am also eager to learn international experiences and adapt best practices into my work. I hope that our school will play a significant role in becoming devoted citizens of our society in the globalized world.

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