The minimum teaching requirements for the EAS include:

• A Bachelors’ degree in a related teaching field
• A teaching credential – e.g. PGCE or certification
• A minimum of three (3) years recent full time teaching experience
• Previous international teaching experience desirable


Our recruitment policies match our vision. We hire young teachers and very experienced teachers. We hire single teachers and teachers with partners. We also welcome teachers with children who have a wonderful experience at the EAS.
What counts for us is intelligence, energy, commitment to students, passion for learning, a collaborative approach and a close connection and alignment with our mission.
All new teachers take part in a well-developed induction and mentorship programme that supports them through their first year at the EAS. The programme varies according to the level of previous teaching and the international experience of the individual teacher.
What does it mean for me as a teacher?
It means that you will join a professional community of educators who are constantly engaged in professional learning, challenging themselves to move to the next level of professional expertise.
You will have the second language learners in your classroom and students with a range of learning differences.
You will utilise a range and balance of teaching and assessment practices reflective of the learning needs of your students.
You will use technology to enhance learning and to communicate about learning with students and parents.
You will care about and be responsible for not just the academic development of your students but also their development into being happy, successful, ethical international citizens. You will plan and reflect as a member of a team or department.
For teachers and administrative staff, you will be part of an exciting, ambitious school that is breaking new ground in Azerbaijani and international education and that we will expect you to add all your own knowledge, experience and passion to the pool of expertise already working at the EAS.

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