Application for positions

If you are an enthusiastic educator committed to help young people grow to be outstanding citizens and you are looking for a rewarding professional experience teaching in a school recognized for its excellence, please provide the following:

• Letter of application explaining why you're seeking a position at the EAS and what you believe you could contribute to the school. This is an opportunity for you to tell us about you, your training and experience of teaching to date.
• CV/Resume with contact information for three (3) referees. You may provide up to three (3) open letters of recommendation as part of your application.

For international candidates the contact information is:

For local candidates the contact information is:


Once we have received applications we select suitable candidates for an interview. The interview can be via Skype or face to face, either at the EAS or an upcoming recruitment fair.
Our interviews for teaching positions reflect our approaches to all aspects of our work - learning focused and commitment.
The purpose of the interview is to assess the fit between your approaches to learning, teaching and assessing, and the school.
While each interview will be different, the key questions will focus on what have been the most influential elements in your career and how they have shaped your approaches to teaching, learning and assessing student performance.
We will also ask:
• Why do you teach?
• Why should anyone be taught by you?
• What is it about the EAS that interests you?
• What added value would you bring to our school and community?
• What might you gain from working at the EAS?
For interviews we encourage you to bring with you evidence of student learning, as an illustration of your approaches to teaching, learning and assessing.

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