Vision and mission

Mission Statement   

The European Azerbaijan School provides each student with a diverse and vibrant education in a compassionate and supportive environment which promotes respect, innovation, creativity, intercultural understanding and critical thinking. This enables students to become reflective and respectful international citizens who, as empowered lifelong learners, can flourish globally and contribute fully and meaningfully to their community and create a more peaceful and inclusive society.


The European Azerbaijan School is an international educational setting for students dedicated to fostering a passion for learning. We provide rich and relevant learning opportunities which result in individual growth. There is an expectation that students excel and our innovative the 21st century teaching and learning programmes promote individual excellence.  Reliable and consistent behaviour standards ensure that no one prevents the learning of others. Respect for people and property, where all staff and students feel safe, is paramount. 

The European Azerbaijan School celebrates its diversity of backgrounds, abilities and skills. We treasure our rich heritage.

The unique and innovative programmes offered by the European Azerbaijan School are built on a powerful network of partnerships as we: 

  • create strong home-school relationships
  • use the rich diversity of the school to create an effective community
  • involve the wider community in our programmes, 
  • form mutually beneficial relationships with local and international business and agency.

The staff at the European Azerbaijan School are committed to a shared vision. We value trust and consultation. Professional relationships are based on the skills of giving and receiving effective feedback. We value the skills and experience of all staff. 

Staff are chosen for their ability and commitment to create learning environments which foster excellence. They have a passion for education and an ability to communicate effectively. Through our on-going investment in the professional development of our staff, we provide curricula and effective teaching that is tailored to the specific needs of our students. Within the context of ‘Life Long Learning’ Literacy, Numeracy, Technology, Social and Scientific problem solving skills are priorities and are integrated throughout the school curriculum. 

Graduates of the European Azerbaijan School have a pride in themselves, their family, and their school. They have a rich repertoire of thinking skills, which they use with confidence. They have inner strength, can be relied upon, and show resilience under pressure. They are flexible, tolerant and open-minded.

The right of everyone to learn and develop their potential to the fullest is central to our way of being together. In a caring, disciplined learning environment the School promotes and celebrates excellence in academic, sporting, arts and cultural achievements.

The European Azerbaijan School will:

  • strive for excellence in all aspects of school life, promoting a culture of achievement and the celebration of success.
  • infuse all areas of school life with an international dimension.
  • offer a broad, balanced and innovative curriculum which challenges all students at an appropriate level.
  • inculcate positive values of mutual respect, tolerance and self-esteem, fostering an informed and critical awareness of the ‘mores’ prevalent in society.
  • apply a supportive learning framework, which both establishes a strong corporate identity and also allows the individual to flourish.
  • provide a stimulating and life-enhancing environment in which to live, learn and appreciate our heritage.
  • attract and develop well-qualified, talented and forward thinking staff capable of inspiring students in their respective fields.
  • offer a rich and broad co-curricular programme which enables both the highest levels of achievement and wide accessibility.
  • maintain excellent relations with the wider community, nurturing mutually beneficial links in a variety of spheres.
  • prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly technological future.

It is our vision that during their time at the European Azerbaijan School our young people will become:

  • people who can cope with change and the demands of living in a complex society;
  • people who are questioning in their approach to issues, flexible in outlook and with a concern and respect for truth;
  • people who have strong feelings of self-esteem and integrity;
  • people who can set realistic goals, meet challenges head on and aspire to high standards of performance and behaviour;
  • people who are prepared to work together and support one another;
  • people who have an international perspective and cultural appreciation.