Admission to the European Azerbaijan School is coming to an end!


The last month of summer is important for every parent with a school-age child, and the last days of summer are even more critical for parents facing school choices. School education is the most crucial stage of human life. Even if we don't understand it when we are young, and sometimes we miss classes, it is easier to see that everything starts at school. Therefore, every parent pays special attention to the choice of school, sometimes for months of research.

The pandemic conditions we have experienced in the last year have allowed us to see clearly in which educational institutions the quality of education is high. One of these educational institutions, and perhaps the first, was the European Azerbaijan school. Despite the fact that education is conducted online, the high results of university exams for 2020 and 2021 graduates, admission to the world's most prestigious universities with high-performance scholarships, and strict adherence to school hygiene rules in a pandemic, certainly attracted the attention of many parents. In addition, in 2021, the European Azerbaijan School become a centre of the Caucasus and Central Asia IB schools. In 2021, EAS achieved the IB MYP (Middle Years Programme), becoming a fully certified World IB school and one of the three schools in Azerbaijan with three IB programmes (PYP - Primary Years Programme, MYP - Middle Years Programme and DP - Diploma Programme).

Along with all these successes, the European Azerbaijan School also supported the students and teachers of the war-torn Aghdam and Barda schools throughout the year. As part of the “Seeds of Light“ project, several EAS volunteer teachers conducted online classes for schoolchildren in these areas over the weekend, helping teachers in their education. About 350 students attended these online classes. In light of all these successes, Francesco Banchini, the school's CEO and director, has been awarded the Golden Palm Awards for his successful activity during the year.

For these reasons, there is a significant increase in the number of students applying to the European Azerbaijan School for the new school year 2021-2022. Given a large number of students, the school has already opened new classes in EAS Secondary campus, which is situated in Badamdar for the Early Learning Center and first-graders. It should be noted that the European Azerbaijan School consists of two buildings: Early Learning Center and Primary Campus (Hasan Majidov 7C, near the Academy of Sciences metro), Secondary Campus (Badamdar, A. Abbasguluzade 13). Also, given a large number of applications, admission to the Early Learning Center at the European Azerbaijan School starts at the age of 3, not 5.

It should be noted that admission to the European Azerbaijan School is held for all grades (Early Learning, Primary and Secondary Education). As education in EAS is taught only in English, admission for grades 2-11 is based on an exam, and the student's level of English is measured.

Teaching at the European Azerbaijan School is carried out by professional local and foreign teachers within the IB (International Bachelor) program. Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Korean are also taught as additional language classes. For extracurricular activities, both buildings have a swimming pool, stadium, gym, music rooms, library and assembly halls. Students are also provided with natural science laboratories that contain the latest advances in science and technology. The school has various social clubs for education, art and sports, taking into account students' interests.

To be admitted to the European Azerbaijan School, you must visit and fill out an electronic application at

Registration is open until September 15.

For more information or to visit the school, please call 050 290 77 52.