Director of the EAS, and other school staff visited more than 30 families in Barda

Last Saturday, on December 12, Francesco Banchini, director and CEO of the European Azerbaijan School, and other school staff visited more than 30 families in Barda, as well as in the village of Garayusifli, which suffered the most during the war.

With the funds collected between the school staff and parents, they tried to be with the families of our citizens wounded and killed during the war, providing them with both material and moral support, and to share their grief.

According to the director of the European Azerbaijan School Francesco Banchini, starting from December 18, educational support will be provided to schools in Barda and Aghdam regions.

European Azerbaijan school teachers will volunteer to teach the students at the school, as well as work collaboratively with teachers providing professional development and share educational strategies.

The European Azerbaijan School's campaign in support of education in Barda and Aghdam districts will be implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

Classes in the current situation will be temporarily online.