IB Virtual Conference, Asia-Pacific 2021

The IB is organising the second world virtual conference, Asia-Pacific with the theme 'unlocking the next paradigm " our school's CEO & Director Francesco Banchini has been invited to present.

Francesco Banchini will deliver two presentations focused on leadership and how to enhance the IB programmes.

The conference will create a unique space for new thoughts and ideas, leading educators to explore how shifts in new perspectives, approaches, and attitudes shape the future of learning and teaching, both at a micro and macro level.

The three-day virtual conference programme promises a line-up of powerful keynote speakers and thought-provoking topic experts. The virtual forum will also host engaging pre-conference workshops, dynamic breakout sessions, networking opportunities and much more.

We will have the chance to discover fresh, engaging ideas to deliver IB programmes best.

The IB Virtual Conference, Asia-Pacific will be a unique platform where new concepts and innovative methods come to life—setting us on a journey towards a new paradigm in education.