Online lecture held for EAS students

On April 17, 2020, Department of Individuals and Societies of EAS arranged for a guest speaker to conduct an online lecture for our IB Diploma students. The topic of the lecture was: The role of modern diplomacy in global business and economy. The lecturer was Mr Fariz Ismailzade, Executive Vice Rector of ADA University. The goal of the lecture was to present a real case scenario of how globalization through Azerbaijan foreign diplomacy has impacted the growth of business and economy in Azerbaijan. At the end of the session, our students asked questions pertaining to specific business and economics concepts such as change, sustainability, globalization, ethics, and influence of culture.

EAS is committed to develop our students through the lens of the IB learner profile. Our vision is to prepare our students to have international – mindedness, be reflective, principle and balanced. Opportunities like this makes us stand-out among our peers.