What our parents say about us

What our parents say about us

AAM parents shared their impressions of the school on social networks and in their letters to us.

Ms.Gunay Yunus (Tomris Mammadov’s mother G6):

- The School is so great that my daughter yearns for the School since the first day of the quarantine. I thought that she would like staying at home, but she wants to go to School from the first day.

Ms.Aynur Ilgarzade  (Rauf Ilgarzade’s mother G6):

- Online lessons have been conducted operatively from the first day. All lessons are organized on time and the students make themselves at school. The lessons are organized in high quality. We had no chance to observe classes before. But now, though my son rejects my observation of his classes, I could still hear the lessons and I realize how professionally teachers work and put great efforts on the lessons. Thank you very much.


- The fact that the school has three gold medalists in the same academic year is an indicator of higher level of education. Congratulations EAS family!


- Perfect education begins here.


- EAS is always a leading educational institution with innovations.


- The European Azerbaijan School not only provides students with academic knowledge, but also strives to develop them as a comprehensive personalities.

Ms.Parvana Bagirova (Vahid Bagirov’s mother G6):

- I am very satisfied with the classes. I see how enthusiastically the teachers teach. How can we be dissatisfied with the school in such condition?  We are very satisfied with the School and its management.

Ms.Khatira Mammadzade (Aliya Mammadzade’s mother G6):

- Happy Ramadan month! I wish this situation finish soon and our children return to school.


- I wanted to be a child again. How lucky are those children :))