School Activities

Club selection

Club selection is voluntary. Our students can select any club they want. The choices are based on the "first come, first served" principle.

Club hours

Our clubs are held during the teaching of the main classes (1st club - 13:30 – 14:10, 2nd club – 14:15 – 14:55).

1. Afterschool activities:
These activities begin from 4:15 pm, after classes (Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball, Dance, etc.). These activities take into account the wishes of students, as well as create an opportunity for working parents to pick up their children at the appropriate time. After-school activities are free of charge.

2. Paid clubs
While free clubs help students identify their interests and desires, paid clubs provide more professional learning. At the music center, students are taught to play various instruments.

Students' activities are demonstrated to parents and school staff at the report concert.

In sports-oriented activities, students have the opportunity to demonstrate the techniques they have learned in various competitions.



Primary Clubs

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Secondary Clubs

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