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PYP - Primary years programme


At EAS the PYP- Primary Years Programme is an inquiry based program designed for children aged 3-10 and focuses on the holistic approach to the child’s development – the development of the whole child.


Our goals are:

• Establishing a firm foundation in the core subjects of Language (English/Azerbaijan Language, Reading and Writing), Mathematics and Science which is incorporated into the Units of Inquiry. 

• Enriching the curriculum through specialist classes that connect to the Units of Inquiry including Art, Music, Physical Education and Technology.

• Enabling students to promote their own international mindedness through the Learner Profile and the opportunity to take an action.

• Responding to the individual intellectual, physical, emotional and social needs of students.



The Primary Years Programme seeks to develop a student’s academic, social and emotional well-being. It focuses, in line with the IB Learner Profile, on inculcating a variety of attitudes including international mindedness and strong personal values. The PYP incorporates local as well as global issues in a curriculum built around six trans-disciplinary themes where learning is not confined within the boundaries of traditional subject areas. These themes include ‘Who we are,’ ‘Where are we in place and time,’ ‘How we express ourselves,’ ‘How we organize ourselves,’ ‘How the world works’ and ‘Sharing the planet’. At the end of the fourth grade the EAS students prepare a PYP exhibition.


Through the PYP program students at EAS will:

  • Learn through inquiry and Explore concepts;

  • Think critically and Develop a strong set of problem-solving strategies;

  • Build on prior knowledge and Work collaboratively;

  • Explore and interact with the environment physically, socially and intellectually;

  • Develop skills for independent learning that will remain with them throughout their lives;

  • Learn through a diverse range of experiences and Respond to learning with group and/or individual Action;

  • Develop a sense of international mindedness. 


This academic year Primary School has introduced the new approach to teaching English Language through Cambridge Programme. Meanwhile, the implementation of the Read, Write, Inc. (RWI) and English Additional Language (EAL) programmes help us to facilitate the acquisition of oral language, writing and reading.

The implementation of the Azerbaijani Language is based on a very unique methodology: the standards of the national Curriculum through the PYP approach. Students are enjoying the learning of their mother tongue through inquiry based lessons.

Primary School students in Grades 1-4 are taught the core subjects (Math, Units of Inquiry, Language) each day by a homeroom teacher trained in Primary Education. Specialists in Russian, Art, Music and Physical Education teach students twice a week. Library visits once a week teach students the library and research skills. Lessons are arranged around Azerbaijan National Curriculum Standards and International standards from several English-speaking nations (the USA, the UK, Australia).

Students at the EAS attend classes 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. The Language of instruction at school is English.