The 8th National Selection Conference of EYP Azerbaijan

About The European Youth Parliament ( EYP )

The European Youth Parliament is one of the largest platforms for young citizens in Azerbaijan and more than 40 European countries to support open-minded discussions and debates on political, social, economic and cultural issues around the world, and to create consistent and sustainable solutions. The session we are currently working on aims to create an environment in which young participants can express their views on various topics in a welcoming environment. Since its creation in 1987 as a school project in Fontainebleau, France, the European Youth Parliament (EYP) has created a safe environment for students from different cultures to build long-term friendships at regional, national and international conferences with the participation of tens of thousands of young people.

The main goal of EYP Azerbaijan is to involve young people in educational and informational activities within the general motives of EYP, and simultaneously to contribute to the international voice of Azerbaijani youth.

About the Session

Genesis – the 8th National Selection Conference of EYP Azerbaijan is to be held on March 24-27, 2022. The mission of Genesis, under the motto “Embrace the past for a better future”, is to bring together a total of 134 young participants from various European countries, mainly Azerbaijan, to ensure that these young people improve themselves both academically and socially. In general, the main purpose of EYP Azerbaijan’s National Selection Conference is to determine the delegation that will represent EYP Azerbaijan at the flagship event of the entire EYP Network – International Sessions. The 15 most active delegates selected in Genesis, will be sent to the 96th and 97th International Sessions of EYP in Riga, Latvia, and Kortrijk, Belgium.

During the session, 8 committees discussed 8 different topics and wrote resolutions in the format adopted by the European Parliament. These resolutions was discussed on the last day of the session- the General Assembly.