The MYP community project serves the needs of a community, including charity and environmental needs. Through the community project students propose, plan, implement, and present. Students may work in groups of up to three, where they collaborate, research, goal set, action plan, and present together, using the skills they are developing through the MYP(Middle Years Programme).
The Community Project Exhibition is the celebration of this work and it is an excellent chance for students to present and showcase their projects.

Community Project

Our students visited the Baku Roses Plantation as part of the Community Project. They got acquainted with the varieties of roses grown in a special way – with the sounds of classical music. In order to raise funds for charity, they sold flowers from Baku Roses at EAS.


Autism Centre Trip

It was a Community Project implemented by Grade 7 Students. 5 students (Nihat Suleymanli, Nurlan Mirzezada, Emil Nabizada, Hazar Ozbek, Omar Karayaka) went to Baku Roses Company and learnt how to plant and sell roses. They earned 223 AZN from sales and bought gifts (painting stuff) for Birge Autism Center. Thank you to the PTA for all their help and support.


Images from 7th Grades' Community Project

The students sold cookies at an exhibition organized as part of the Community Project and donated the proceeds to Ecofront. Ecofront is an ecoactivist group working against the environment, biodiversity and climate crisis.
Community Project by 7E students Asra Karimli and Laman Mammadova


This is the final product of the Community Project by 7E students Asra Karimli and Laman Mammadova whose goal was to research the history of Karabakh and explore personal home stories of people evicted from their homeland to inform more people about it. They spent endless hours conducting interviews, editing videos, investigating the topic and collaborating closely to create such a great video. We hope you will enjoy watching this video project about Karabakh on such a special day, the 28th of May.