Primary Teachers

Our Teachers


Maryam Vasanova Deputy Principal Youth Empowerment

Maryam Vasanova

Education: Bachelor's in Philology, University of Foreign Languages. Master's in Language and Literature, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. Achievement: TKT Certificates Modules 1, 2, 3; CELTA qualification. Experience: Enriching students' lives. Led "Euroweek Program" in Poland, Germany, Austria.

Shabnam Aliyeva Deputy Principal Academic ELC

Shabnam Aliyeva

Education: Bachelor's in Philology, University of Foreign Languages. Master's in Language and Literature, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. Achievement: TKT Certificates Modules 1, 2, 3; CELTA qualification. Experience: Enriching students' lives. Led "Euroweek Program" in Poland, Germany, Austria.

Fidan Jafarova Deputy Principal for Student Affairs
SEN Coordinator

Fidan Jafarova

Education: BSc in Psychology (Honors) from University of Derby, UK/ International Postgraduate Certificate in Education (iPGCE) Achievement: PYP Category 1 & 3 /Specialized in Well-being, Student Leadership, and Inclusion / Certified in CIS Child Protection Foundation Workshop.

Sabina Rzayeva English Language Coordinator

Sabina Rzayeva

Education: English language teacher from AUL, Master's in English-Azerbaijani translation. Achievement: Attained CELTA qualification from Cambridge Assessment English.

Parvin Rahimova PYP Coordinator | Homeroom Teacher

Parvin Rahimova

Education: BA in Philology from Azerbaijan University of Languages Achievement: TKT (Module1, Module 2, Module3), TKT YL, CELT-P qualification, Making the PYP happen (Category 1) and Leading the learning - PYP (Category 1) Experience: 14 years IB experience, worked at different private and international schools prior to EAS, EAS Grade1 Leader

Tooba Saleem Mathematics Coordinator

Tooba Saleem

Education: MBA from Fatima Jinnah Women University, Pakistan Work: Nurturing mathematical understanding at European Azerbaijan. Formerly, early years at Baku Oxford School.

Sabina Karimova Deputy Principal Academic Grade 1 & 2 | Homeroom Teacher

Sabina Karimova

Education: Bachelor's from Khazar University, Master's from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. Experience: 10 years in international schools. Certified IB educator, Read Write Inc program. Attended international educational conferences.

Aysel Kishiyeva PD Coordinator | Homeroom Teacher

Aysel Kishiyeva

Graduation: Faculty of Education at AUL. Experience: CELT-A and CELT-P from the British Council. She started her teaching career in 2012, working as an English teacher at American Centre at AUL.

Samira Mehdiyeva World Languages Coordinator
Russian Language Teacher

Samira Mehdiyeva

Bachelor's and Master's degree API named after M.F. Akhundov. Guiding students towards excellence since 2012 at European Azerbaijan School.


Tanya Pakova English Language Teacher

Tanya Pakova

Education: Holds a Master's degree in Pedagogics and ESOL qualification from Manchester College. Achievement: English, Maths, EAL (English as an Additional Language), SEN (Special Educational Needs), and Primary School intervention programs. Work: Fully Qualified Primary Teacher with 16+ years of UK and international teaching experience/ Independent UK & International Educational Consultant.

Miguel Ponte English Language Teacher

Miguel Ponte

Experience: Taught in UK, Denmark, Azerbaijan. Master's from Birmingham University. Work: Former homeroom teacher at British School Baku, now at EAS.


Ilhama Abdullayeva Azerbaijani Language Teacher

Ilhama Abdullayeva

Education: Graduated from Azerbaijan Pedagogical University's Faculty of Methodology and Pedagogy of Primary Education. Experience: With 30 years of teaching, worked in various schools and projects, including Norwegian Refugee Council, UNICEF, and more. Member of the Expert Group on Textbook Evaluation. Currently a trainer-teacher at Azerbaijan Teacher Development Center. Achievements: Honored as a winner in the "100 Best Teachers" competition, recognized by the President of the country, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, in 2008.

Gunash İltifatli Azerbaijani Language Teacher

Gunash İltifatli

Graduation: Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences - doctoral student. Experience: Teacher of Azerbaijani language and literature (Primary)

Sakina Latifzade Azerbaijani Language Teacher

Sakina Latifzade

Education: Bachelor's in Primary Education, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. Experience: 10 years at EAS, currently Azerbaijani language teacher. Achievements: Active presence in international conferences, multiple certificates earned during pedagogical journey.

Fidan Gayayeva Azerbaijani Language Teacher

Fidan Gayayeva

Education: BA in Philology (Red Diploma) from Baku State University Work: Marker at State Exam Center since 2018. Azerbaijani Language Teacher at "Ders Evi" since 2019, Subject Coordinator from 2020 to 2023. Azerbaijani Language Teacher at EAS since Feb 2023.

Arzu Beybudova Azerbaijani Language Teacher

Arzu Beybudova

Biography: BA in Methodology and Pedagogics of Primary Education from Khazar University Achievements: Attended in multiple conferences and actively participated in different international training and workshops. Experience: 11 years of teaching experience, worked in university and private school prior to EAS


Andres Neira Spanish Language Teacher

Andres Neira

Education: Master in Pedagogy from UCG, Ecuador, International Spanish Teacher from Universidad de Salamanca, Spain Scriptwriter from UNLP, Argentina Work: Fostering meaningful learning since 2010.

Kseniya Seyidbayli Italian Language Teacher

Kseniya Seyidbayli

Education: Bachelor & master degree Baku branch of Moscow State University. Work: Construction & furniture in the company Santral, in a sports store and organized Events in Gilan.

Ayshan Gahramanova French Language Teacher

Ayshan Gahramanova

Education: Bachelor’s AUL (Translation of French language) Master’s - AUL( French language philology) Achievement: DELF-DALF C1 certification Work: AUL – French teacher two years experience/ Private School - French teacher one year experience G5, G6, G7 grades Private School - three years experience – IB MPY French teacher

Turkan Mammadova German Language Teacher

Turkan Mammadova

Education: Bachelor’s from Baku State University/ Master’s from Azerbaijan Language University Achievement:Certificate B1-B2 from BDM Work: German Language teacher since 2019.

Govhar Najafova German Language Teacher

Govhar Najafova

Education: Primary Education Studies Completion Experience: 15 years devoted to German, 6 years in Germany Work: Translator at Slavic University Achievements: OSD and Goethe Certifications in German proficiency

Narmin Babayeva Chinese Language Teacher

Narmin Babayeva

Education: Master's and bachelor's from Baku State University Achievement: Chinese language Work: Working since 2009. Worked in State Migration Servise, China Southern Airlines

Aydan Talibova Russian Language Teacher

Aydan Talibova

Education: Bachelor's degree from Baku Slavic University, Class of 2012 Work: Nurturing young learners since 2012, starting at a kindergarten named after Zarifa Aliyeva and currently at the European Azerbaijan School.


Nigar Guliyeva Art Teacher

Nigar Guliyeva

Education: Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University (bachelor’s degree) Achievement: The Union of Azerbaijan Artists (Member) Work: Providing Art lessons since 2015.


Mehriban Khaki Teacher Librarian

Mehriban Khaki

Education: Oriental Studies graduate from Baku State University. Experience: Translated in 2011. PYP Teacher Librarian at European Azerbaijan School since 2012.


Sahar Huseynova Physical Education Teacher

Sahar Huseynova

Education: Bachelor's & Master's - Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sports. Achievement: International chess player Work: Educating and guiding students in physical fitness, sports, chess and overall well-being.

Eldar Khasayev Physical Education Teacher

         Eldar Khasayev

Graduation: Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sports, specializing in the classification of a teacher of physical education, a coach. He is an honored coach of Azerbaijan and also coach of youth team of Azerbaijan in international checkers.

Nigar Gadizada Physical Education Teacher

Nigar Gadizada

Education: Bachelor's - Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sports. Achievement: Volleyball player in the Azerbaijan women's national volleyball team. Work: Educating and guiding students in physical fitness, sports, and overall well-being.


Nazli Panjaliyeva PYP Grade 3 Leader & Homeroom Teacher

Nazli Panjaliyeva

Education: BA in Philology from Baku Slavic University. Experience: Freelance IELTS/Duolingo/Cambridge IGCSE/ESL instructor. Worked at Landau School as KS3 and Pre-A level English teacher, form tutor. Also taught General English at Leznik & Co. prior to EAS.


Narmin Ibrahimli Homeroom Teacher

Narmin Ibrahimli

7 years enriching European Azerbaijan School. Guiding diverse grades. Attended diverse workshops, holds PYP, TKT Modules 1,2 certifications. Proficient in addressing reading, writing challenges, Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities, and Concussion in School.

Nigar Ahmadova Homeroom Teacher

Nigar Ahmadova

Experience: 4 years as EAS Homeroom Teacher Education: Bachelor's in English Language Teaching from University of Languages Certifications: CELTA, IB Category 1, TKT Modules 1,2,3, NC State University Qualities: Highly motivated, patient, and experienced educator.

Jamala Mammadova Homeroom Teacher

Jamala Mammadova

Education: BA in English Language and Literature, Azerbaijan University of Languages. Master's in Linguistics, Odlar Yurdu University. Experience: 10 years as Primary Teacher at British School Baku, 2 years as Homeroom Teacher at European Azerbaijan School. Skills: Effective teamwork, communication, self-motivation, adaptability. Passionate educator.

Rana Tahirova Homeroom Teacher

Rana Tahirova

Education: Azerbaijan State University of Languages (BA), pursuing Master's. Experience: 9 years at European Azerbaijan School, dedicated and passionate.

Aytaj Abdullayeva Homeroom Teacher

Aytaj Abdullayeva

Education: Bachelor's from Azerbaijan University of Languages (Sabah groups, Faculty of Pedagogy, 2013-2017), Master's from Western University (American and British Literature, 2017-2019). Experience: Former associate teacher at Baku Modern School (2017-2019), currently a dedicated Homeroom teacher at European Azerbaijan School.

Gulnaz Jabbarli Homeroom Teacher

Gulnaz Jabbarli

Education: Bachelor's from Azerbaijan University of Languages Achievements: IELTS ,TESOL certified Work: Encouraging to strive for creativity and greatness since 2015.Inspiring to maintain a supportive school environment.

Aytaj Suleymanova Homeroom Teacher

Aytaj Suleymanova

Experience: In education since 2015, specializing in young learners and IELTS prep. Education: Bachelor's in English as a Foreign Language, CELTA certified. Passion: Working with children. Hobbies: Bike rides, British sitcoms.

Elmira Zeynalova Homeroom Teacher

Elmira Zeynalova

Education: Bachelor's in Primary Education with EFL from Baku Engineering University. Certified for Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Experience: Over 7 years mentoring students in local community and Russia. Teaching at EAS for 3 years.

Gunel Mirzayeva Homeroom Teacher

Gunel Mirzayeva

Education: Bachelor's in Primary Education with EFL from Baku Engineering University. Certified for Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Experience: Over 6 years’ experience in private courses.

Sariyya Abdullayeva Homeroom Teacher

Sariyya Abdullayeva

Education: Bachelor's from Baku Engineering University, Master's from Azerbaijan Pedagogical University Work: Dedicated to teaching since 2019 Achievement: Published 3 research papers on Primary School Teachers, Europe 101 Leadership Certificate.

Almaz Ahmadova Homeroom Teacher

Almaz Ahmadova

Education: Bachelor's from Azerbaijan University of Languages. Achievement: IELTS, TESOL, TKT (Module 2, 3, CLIL), LANDAU Academy. Experience: Worked at different education centers and private schools. Currently a committed PYP Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher at EAS.

Ulkar Ahmadova Homeroom Teacher

Ulkar Ahmadova

Education: Bachelor's degree in English Philology from AUL, Master's degree in Methodology of Teaching English. Achievement: ELT-program (Honours) completion at North Carolina State University in 2021.


Sevinj Shahbazli Homeroom Teacher

Sevinj Shahbazli

Education: Bachelor’s from Khazar University. Achievement: Education Diploma and various international Certificates .IELTS. Work: 10 years ELC & PYP Homeroom teacher. Totally 10 years teaching experience.


Mansura Karimli Associate Teacher

Mansura Karimli

Education: English Teaching graduate from Khazar University Experience: 3 years as English instructor at Dunya School Current: Member of European Azerbaijan School since September 2022 Interests: Reading and exploring new places

Habiba Babazade Associate Teacher

Habiba Babazade

Education: Bachelor's in English Language Teaching from University of Languages. Experience: PYP Associate teacher, former trainer at Azerbaijan Teacher Developing Center. 2 years as an English educator, dedicated to motivation and creative teaching, striving to impact learners' lives positively.

Aynur Makhmudzada Associate Teacher

Aynur Makhmudzada

Qualities: Creative, passionate, collaborative educator Education: Bachelor's in English Language Teaching from Khazar University Certifications: Cambridge TKT Modules 1 and 2

Zivar Xalifaguliyeva Associate Teacher

Zivar Xalifaguliyeva

Education: Bachelor's from Azerbaijan University of Languages Achievement: Pedagogical experience in school number 135 ARTI curriculum certificate Work: European Azerbaijani school-associate teacher Spreading knowledge as a personal English language tutor since 2021

Aytaj Yolchiyeva Associate Teacher

Aytaj Yolchiyeva

Education: Graduated from Lyceum No. 49. Experience: Joined "21st Century Education and Innovation School" in 2013 as an English teacher for 3-4 years. Since 2022, part of EAS.

Zahra Guliyeva Associate Teacher

Zahra Guliyeva

Education: Bachelor and master's from Azerbaijan University of Languages Achievement: International 120 hours TESOL/TEFL certificate and other certificates. Work: Private courses since 2020.