About us



Please take the time to explore our website and to discover for yourself, why EAS is one of the leading international schools in Baku.

We are a strong community where we believe in the power of individuals and their ability to achieve. As leaders and educators, we have a responsibility, not just to support, but to inspire and encourage those we teach and those we work with to accomplish more than they thought possible. Our rigorous academic programme and individualised approach in our four divisions (ELC, Primary, Middle School and Secondary) invite students to be curious through a challenging academic programme. We incorporate the International Baccalaureate programmes throughout the different age ranges, namely the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) as we believe strongly that these world-renowned programmes give our students the opportunity to excel academically, whilst supporting their development as individuals. The Diploma Programme gains our graduates access to the highest standard of universities worldwide, which we are proud of. 

In our school students are instilled with dynamic life skills and experiences needed to be successful in a fast-changing world. The natural sense of excitement and optimism in our collaborative environment motivates students as they develop teamwork skills and life-long friendships.

In a global society, with increasingly scarce resources, we need to be ambitious in what we wish to achieve both individually and together. We need resilience and tenacity to face challenges and to problem solve, and empathy to collaborate to move forward together. We are preparing young people for their future lives, lives which we cannot fully comprehend currently. Therefore, we support our students to develop a wide range of strategies which help them to address diverse situations and communicate efficiently with others.

As we support our students to develop talents, both academic and non-academic, they are also learning about themselves as learners, and also as individuals. The emotional, social, and health development of each individual is a shared responsibility; thus, we have a consistent approach of caring and looking after our entire community.

I look forward to seeing you all at EAS in the near future.