Student support

We are proud that EAS community highly values diversity and inclusivity where students have an opportunity to receive full support in all aspects of education. Primary Student Support Department works effectively to make sure that every student in the school has a chance to succeed. The department consists of three branches: Counselling, English Additional Language(EAL) and Azerbaijani Language Support and Learning Support.

Psychological support which offers counselling services is designed to facilitate student achievement, improve student behavior and help students develop socially and emotionally. The school counseling service offers individual counseling sessions to help students resolve personal or interpersonal problems, organises guidance lessons, assemblies and whole school intervention programs such as Bullying awareness week, E-safety week and Random act of kindness week.

Learning support Specialist and counselors work collaboratively to identify students’ educational needs as early as possible. If the student has learning difficulty the learning support team works closely with the student and constantly monitors the progress that he/she makes.

English Additional Language (EAL) and Azerbaijani Language Support are designed to give students special attention while learning English or Azerbaijani so they can integrate into a regular classroom. The EAL department uses Cambridge Global English curriculum which is specifically developed for young learners throughout the world and focuses on developing, listening, speaking, reading and the writing skills which learners will need to be successful.

SST staff:
Coordinator of the Student Support Department/Counselor
Language Support Teachers 
Learning Support Teachers

In addition to providing high level academic knowledge and skills to students, EAS aims to educate each child as a comprehensively developed citizen. One of our challenges is to provide a safe and supportive environment for the education of the child. EAS provides support and help to students, and gives information, advice and recommendations. We always cooperate closely with other professionals who directly work with parents, teachers and students. Our goal is to identify, investigate, and eliminate all obstacles in the student’s learning and overall development as soon as possible. The activities of the service include the work carried out by counseling, doctor’s support, and extracurricular activities. Disciplinary issues are under spotlight at the school. Perhaps everyone agrees with the idea that perfect education cannot be provided in a non-disciplined environment.