Admission to European Azerbaijan School has started!

Why specifially to choose European Azerbaijan School? Because we are a School with:

  1. great experience, strong team, professional local and international teachers, fully providing IB porgram!
  2. rich infrastructure, all kinds of digital technology and international educational computer programs, Primary and Secondary campuses that meet modern requirements!
  3. swimming pools, gymnasiums, wide auditoriums, clubs and sport sections meeting all kinds of interests!
  4. canteens equiped with modern kitchen equipments!
  5. the most modern “School buses” for student transportation!

In this callenging period we have provided online lessons since March 3 without any interruption in the teaching and learning process. In this period we: 

  1. immediately developed “E-Learning Policy” and shared it with the parents;
  2. provided relevant trainings to our teachers;
  3. started providing online lessons to very young learners (3+ ages), too;
  4. have created conditions for a high quality teaching and learning by mobilizing the relevant online resources in a short time and paying for subscriptions to the relevant Internet platforms;
  5. organized general meetings online with the School management, teachers and parents;
  6. started offering online service creating the virtual library of the School.

Our strength is our:

  • professional teachers;
  • valuable parents highly appreciating the work of our selfless teachers, sending letters full of appreciation and suggesting their material and moral support;
  • hard-working students with very serious attention to the lessons;
  • Board of Trustees relying on us and supporting us in providing high quality online lessons.