CAS Projects (Creativity, Activity, Service)


The CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) project is an important part of the IB Diploma Programme that every DP student must complete. Our students choose activities that require creative thinking, physical activity, and volunteer service in this project.

GABALA - June 26-28, 2021

The CAS project was held in the Gabala region. On June 26-28, they held three-day English classes for the young players of the Gabala Football Academy. The goal of this programme was to improve the players’ basic knowledge of English. In addition, our students played a friendly match with these players at the central stadium in Gabala. The programme also included a tour of the Gabala region’s historic sites, and our students visited the ancient Albanian church and the Udi hearth in the village of Nic.

SAATLI - October, 2021

Our IB DP (Diploma Programme) students took advantage of the autumn break to implement the next CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) project in Saatli. They taught a 3-day English conversation course for school students and helped them develop their English language skills. The adventures of our students continued in the cotton field. They participated in the cotton harvest and supported the people working in the area. During the project, students also engaged in various sports activities in their spare time.

SHABRAN - May 22, 2021

DP1 students of our school went hiking on May 22 for the next CAS activity. The hiking was held in Zeyva village of the Shabran region. Their hike to Lake Ambil was completed successfully. During the hike, our students learned how to work with maps in forests and mountains, how to cope with the difficulties of the hike as a team, how to set up a tent, make a bonfire, make tea, and clear the forest.