Secondary Teachers



Zohra Malikova Deputy Principal Student Affairs
DP Psychology Teacher

Zohra Malikova

Experience: Psychologist from day one at European Azerbaijan School. Deputy Principal since 2016. Education: Dual-degree master. Diverse teaching roles.

Prashant B. Pandey Deputy Principal Academic DP
MYP - DP Physics Teacher

Prashant B. Pandey

Education: M.Sc. & B.Ed. Achievement: Versatile roles - Physics, Chemistry, TOK teacher, Teacher trainer, Coordinator, Head, EE, CAS, AI Coordinator, IB Examiner. Work: 19 y. teaching IGCSE, IB MYP/DP internationally. Prior experience in Asia, Africa.

Konul Mahmudova Deputy Principal Academic MYP
MYP - DP English Teacher

Konul Mahmudova

Bachelor's from AUL. Experience: English teacher at Dunya School, EAS IB DP Assistant Coord., MYP English Language and Literature, IB DP English B teacher. Roles: Head of Modern Foreign Languages Dep., DP EE Coord., and IB DP Coord. Total 14 y. teaching PYP, MYP, IGCSE, and DP.

Aynur Tahirova Deputy Principal Attestat
CL English | MYP English Teacher

Aynur Tahirova

Bc & Master in Philology, AUL; Winthrop University, Rock Hill, 2015 Teaching Excellence & Achievement Programme, SC, USA CELTA, Trainer of trainers (APDNET,Baku), PYP Category 1,2 | 23 y. Experience. Teaching at EAS since 2012

Sahiba Mammadova Deputy Principal Youth Empowerment
MYP/DP Azerbaijani Teacher

Sahiba Mammadova

Education: PhD from Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Achievement: Best Teacher of the Year 2015 Work: 25 years in education, Deputy Principal Youth Empowerment


Sangeeta Choudhury MYP Coordinator | MYP English Teacher

Sangeeta Choudhury

Bc. in English Literature from Uni. of Calcutta. Ma. in English Literature from West Bengal State University Achievement:TESOL from Arizona State Uni. Work: 10 y. experience in academia with focus on holistic development of students.

Tad Harrold DP Coordinator | DP English | TOK Teacher

Tad Harrold

Education: BS English Education, Penn State University; BS Humanities – Concentration World History, Penn State University; Masters Degree – Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College; Masters Degree – Educational leadership and Curriculum, Southern New Hampshire University. Achievement: IB level 3 training in 4 subjects and Leadership training in 2 programmes. Work: 28 years of service in International schools on 4 continents.

Aida Isazade Student Affairs Coordinator
MYP Azerbaijani Teacher

Aida Isazade

Education: Bc. University of Engineering on Pedagogy Achievement: MYP Category1 Certificate Cambridge B2 FCE English level Certificate Experience: Azerbaijani Language and Literature teacher at Public School ( 3 years), Student Affairs Coord. & MYP Azerbaijani teacher at EAS. 13 y. teaching experience.

Mr. Nino CP Coordinator | MYP - DP PHE
Btec Teacher

Mr. Nino

Former Business professor, now BTEC Business & MYP/DP PHE teacher at EAS, CP Coordinator.B.Sc & M.Sc in Economics and another master's in Educational Management. Loves impacting knowledge to students.

Sevil Aliyeva CP Skills Development Coordinator
MYP Mathematics Teacher

Sevil Aliyeva

Graduation: Baku Engineering University with a Bachelor degree from the faculty of Mathematics ( in English) with an Honored diploma. Master degree: Baku State University - faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.

Jamil Dadashov DP CAS Coordinator, DoE Coordinator
CL PHE, MYP - DP PHE Teacher

Jamil Dadashov

Education: Graduated Azerbaijan State Institute of Physical Education and Sports '95. Work: 29 years teaching, 16 as head PE teacher at School No. 13. 13 years enhancing EAS's sports Achievements. Fluent in English and Russian, led workshops globally.

Baylar Eminov Military Coordinator
MYP Azerbaijani History Teacher

Baylar Eminov

Education: Master's in History and Society (1986, Azerbaijan State University). Bachelor's in Law (1997, Baku State University). Achievement: Military service, esteemed teacher-methodist and deputy head. Work:Since 2010, fostering military and historical knowledge.

Shams Jafarova PD Coordinator, MYP EAL Teacher

Shams Jafarova

Education: Bachelor's from Azerbaijan University of Languages Master's in BA from ASOIU Experience: EAL teacher and EAS MYP/DP Professional Development Coordinator, Teacher trainer. Highly certified, motivated educator with modern pedagogical expertise.

Saida Novruzova MYP CP & PP Coordinator, Librarian
Academic Discourse Teacher

Saida Novruzova

Education: Baku State University in 2020 Experience: mastering diverse library systems. Serving as a librarian/cataloger at UNCE until 2022. Engaged in workshops, seminars, and attained an IELTS C1.

Gulzar Abbasbayli Olympiad Coordinator
MYP - DP Mathematics Teacher

Gulzar Abbasbayli

Education: Bachelor - Baku State University Applied Maths, Master - Khazar University Achievement: 9 years teaching experience qualified IB Math teacher. 6 years Experience in International Math subject and project olympiads in Korea ,China ,UK ,America, Spain, Turkey and etc.

Stefano Muscaritolo Arts Events Coordinator
MYP Music Teacher

Stefano Muscaritolo

Master's in Opera Composition. Jazz Master. Music Teacher in Italy, BOS, Oxbridge Academy, ADA University instructor. Composer, Artistic director for global orchestras, ensembles, and festivals.

Nirupama Keshav EE Coordinator | MYP - DP English | DP TOK Teacher

Nirupama Keshav

Education: MSc. Corp. Comm., Radford University, USA; MSc. IR, NTU, Singapore; MSc. Education, Capella University, USA. 15 years of work experience in the corporate world, political science think tanks, & international schools.

Gunel N. Mirzayeva IDU Coordinator | English Teacher

Gunel N. Mirzayeva

Education: Russian State Pedagogical University, 2007-2012; CELTA, International House Izmir, 2019. Diploma in English and French from Russian State Pedagogical Uni, CELTA Pass, Cat. 2 IB Workshop in Interdisciplinary Learning. Dedicated English teacher since 2013


Aysel Alasgarova MYP Assistant Coordinator
MYP English Teacher

Aysel Alasgarova

Bc’s: English Language Teaching and M’s degree in Methodology of English Language teaching and Literature from the AUL Achievement: MYP Assistant Coord, CELT-S, ITC, MYP LL and LA teacher, 12 years at EAS Work: Shaping future minds at EAS since 2011.

Jalil Akhmadli DP Assistant Coordinator
MYP Design | DP Computer Science Teacher

Jalil Akhmadli

Education: PhD-c in Mechanical Design Engineering, Master's in Mechanical Engineering. Experience: Lead Mechanical Engineer at international and local firms. Lecturer in Design Technologies at Azerbaijan Technical University. 5 years engineering, 2 years teaching.


Farida Jafarova CL Science | DP Biology
DP ESS Teacher

Farida Jafarova

Education: Master's in Biology from Baku State University Work: IBMYP/IBDP Biology Teacher & Science Curriculum Leader at EAS

Christopher Jarrett CL Mathematics
MYP - DP Mathematics Teacher

Christopher Jarrett

Chris Jarrett currently works as the Head of Mathematics at the EAS. He worked as the Head of Secondary at international schools in both Switzerland and Qatar, holds degrees from the University of St Andrews and the University of Bath.

Nazli Osmanova CL I&S | MYP I&S Teacher

Nazli Osmanova

Education: Bachelor’s degree from Ganja State University Achievement: Curriculum leader, MYP I&S and Geography teacher. IB MYP CAT2 certificate Work: Taught Geography in public school (2007-2012). Currently at EAS since 2012.

Fidan Akbarova CL Arts, Arts Events Coordinator,
MYP Music Teacher

Fidan Akbarova

Graduation: Baku Music Academy. Deputy Chairman Of Students Youth Organization, Major Of Instrumental Performance. Profession: Violin Experience: Dunya Ib School 2019-2022

Konul Ibrahimova CL Azerbaijani
MYP - DP Azerbaijani Teacher

Konul Ibrahimova

Education – PHD dissertant of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences; Experience- 19 years of teaching experiens , Head of Azerbaijani Language and Literature Department . MYP and DP Azerbaijani A teacher. Expert for prepeiring for national attestation exams Grade 9- 11

Gunel Hasanova CL English, MYP - CP Service Learning Coordinator, MYP - DP English Teacher

Gunel Hasanova

Education: Bachelor' from the University of Engineering Achievement: TKT, IB English B, IB Service-Learning, Presenting Workshop Certificate Work: Innovative teaching, coupled with leadership, inspiring both students and colleagues since 2008.

Ilaha Aliyeva CL English and Literature
MYP English Teacher

Ilaha Aliyeva

Education: Bachelor’s from Moscow University for the Humanities. Achievement: English Language and Literature teacher, MYP. Work: 7 years of teaching in International schools (IGCSE and IBDP).

Gulkhar Gurbanova CL MFL, MYP - DP Spanish Teacher

Gulkhar Gurbanova

Education: Azerbaijan University of Languages, Spanish translation (Bachelor's, 2016). Master's in Comparative Literature from Murcia, Spain. Experience: Curriculum Leader, MYP/DP Spanish teacher. Worked at XXI Century of Educational Center. Certified in IGCSE, Edexcel Pearson, IB (MYP/DP) programs.


Ulfana Ismayilli MYP Science Teacher

Ulfana Ismayilli

Education: MA in Educational Leadership & Management-University of Bath Achievement: IB MYP Cat2 Science certificate Work: Dedicated to nurturing student development since 2019

Nubar Mammadova MYP - DP Chemistry Teacher

Nubar Mammadova

Education: Bachelor's in Chemistry (2008), Master's (2015) from Baku State. Achievement: Years of teaching expertise. Work: Inspiring at European Azerbaijan School since 2019, nurturing future chemists.

Sabina Yusifova Lab Technician

Sabina Yusifova

BSc: Ecology, Baku State University MSc: Ecological Engineering, AUAC Uni, Baku & A Coruña Uni, Spain Experience: Science Lab Assistant PD: Global Environmental Management, Tech Univ of Denmark Water Use Methods, Water Expert Union ExLC2022, EAS


Gulnar Mammadova MYP Azerbaijani Teacher

Gulnar Mammadova

Education: PhD in Philology in Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Achievement:Published articles in philology in local and foreign press Work: 10+ years experience in tutoring

Gulshan Mammadova MYP Azerbaijani Teacher

Gulshan Mammadova

Bachelor's in "Azerbaijani Language and Literature" from BSU. Master’s in "Business management" from UNEC. Work: Fostering a love for literature and language at EAS since 2022

Sevda Aliyeva MYP Azerbaijani Teacher

Sevda Aliyeva

Education: BDU Philology - Azerbaijani Language and Literature Master: ADPU Linguistics - General Linguistics Work: Teaching literature and language at EAS since January, 2022.

Gulshan Gahramanova MYP Azerbaijani Teacher

Gulshan Gahramanova

Education: ASPU Azerbaijani language and literature teacher. Master- ASPU Pedagogy and Psychology Achievement: Making the PYP happen: Implementing agency - Group 1 Work: Teaching literature and language at EAS since 2022.

Mehriban Shikhlinskaya MYP - DP Russian Teacher

Mehriban Shikhlinskaya

Education: Master's Russian Philology from Baku State University , Achievement: MYP certificates and certificate in curriculum development. Work: more than 20 years of pedagogical experience in teaching Russian. Have been at EAS since 2012.

Gulshan Khalilova MYP - DP Russian Teacher

Gulshan Khalilova

Education: Bc's: BSU/ Master's program: BSU. Achievement: Assessing Learning, ExLC2022, Curriculum - Making the PYP happen. Implementing agency XXI Century Learning. Work: Working as DP and MYP Russian Teacher from 2018 in EAS.

Sara Israfilova MYP English Teacher

Sara Israfilova

Education: Azerbaijan University of Languages, Teaching English. Harvard Business School, School Management and Leadership Certificates: TKT, TEFL,TESOL,CELTA Pass B Experience: 4 years.

Eltun Aslanov MYP English Teacher

Eltun Aslanov

Education: Bachelor's degree from Mugla Sitki Kochman University. Work: Teaching experience across Turkey. At first Celt colleges, currently an English Language Teacher at EAS for a year.

Zinyat Samadzade MYP French Teacher

Zinyat Samadzade

Education: Baku Slavic University, Foreign Languages and French. Experience: Taught at secondary school No. 69 and online on "Savadly" platform. Achievement: Completed programs in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Blended Learning. Certified French teacher.

Venera Mukhtarzada MYP Italian Teacher

Venera Mukhtarzada

Education: Master's in DITALS from University for foreigners of Siena Achievement: Certification of Competence in Italian language (C2) from the University for foreigners of Perugia Work: Former IGCSE KS3/KS4 Teacher at private school

Sevinch Askerova MYP German Teacher

Sevinch Askerova

Education: Master's Degree from University of Regensburg Achievement: Proficiency in German from A1 to C2 within a year, attaining a C2 degree in German, DSH Exam excellence (best score) Work: Nurturing German language excellence since 2010.

Sevinj Hasanova MYP - DP German Teacher

Sevinj Hasanova

Education: Master's from AUL, PhD student at ASPU. Achievement: DAAD and Goethe Institute certificates, MYP and DP certificates Work: more than 10 years of experience in teaching German

Nigar Babayeva MYP EAL Teacher

Nigar Babayeva

Education: Master's from AUL University Achievement: Methodology in Teaching Foreign Languages Work: Equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills. Ensuring their self-realization and personal growth.

Huseyn Aliyev MYP EAL Teacher

Huseyn Aliyev

Bachelor from ASPU Honored Diploma EFSet Advanced level of English; English Language Traning Summer Conference. Publications: “ Languages based on training ” journal. Work: My first-year experience is EAS


Aysel Jabbarova MYP Art Teacher

Aysel Jabbarova

Education: Dual bachelor's degrees from Baku State Economic University & St. Petersburg State Academy of Fine Arts. Work: 9 yrs as art teacher nurturing young creatives in UAE.

Mario Caicedo Langer MYP STEAM Teacher

Mario Caicedo Langer

Education: Bachelor's in Naval Sciences, Colombian Navy Academy. Achievement: International authority in Tinkercad. Work: Pioneer and teacher of STEAM in Azerbaijan since 2015.


Ismayil Alasgarzada MYP I&S Teacher

Ismayil Alasgarzada

Bc's in "Geography" from Baku S. Uni. MA in "Economic and Social Geography" Lankaran State Uni. Currently a Ph.D. student in "Economic Geography." Publications: "Moscow S. Uni", ASPU, ANAS. Work: Geography and I&S teacher since 2022 at EAS.

Husen Mashadi Maharramli MYP I&S Teacher

Husen Mashadi Maharramli

Education: Master's in History Teaching from Nakhchivan State & Bachelor's in History from Baku State. Achievement: IELTS 7.5. Work: History teacher since 2020

Siddartha Parthasarathy MYP I&S | DP Business Management Teacher

Siddartha Parthasarathy

Bachelors, the Wharton School of Business, UPenn, USA; MEd., Moreland University, USA Graduating from the Wharton School of Business. Started 3 businesses successfully.

Jose Alex Inturias Gomez MYP BTec | DP Business Management Teacher

Jose Alex Inturias Gomez

MA -Framingham State University (Education) & University of Glasgow (Education, Public Policy & Equity). Achievement: Leadership Scholarship Award. University of Glasgow. Work: Helping my students to discover and cultivate their potential.


Aysu Shahmirzayeva MYP Mathematics Teacher

Aysu Shahmirzayeva

Education: Bachelor's from Baku State University, Master's from Azerbaijani State University of Economics Achievement: Microsoft Educator Work: Focusing on instilling a passion for mathematics, computational thinking, and digital tools.

Elvedin Vehabovic MYP Mathematics Teacher

Elvedin Vehabovic

Education: Bachelor’s degree from University of Tuzla Achievement: Mental Math teacher certificate Work: Helping young students love math since 2011

Bogac Karcika MYP - DP Mathematics Teacher

Bogac Karcika

Education: Maths Bc's from Istanbul Bilgi University Translated some popular maths books in Turkish Worked as an MYP & DP Mathematics Teacher in Turkey, China & Azerbaijan. Inspiring mathematical curiosity since 2015.


Kamala Asgarova MYP - DP PHE Teacher

Kamala Asgarova

Bc's from Azerbaijan Sport Academy. Professional Volleyball Player in the National Championship till 2023. Work: Inspiring sports curiosity since 2015. Certified Volleyball Coach and MYP/ PYP Teacher committed to student growth.