Safety Health And Wellbeing

EAS community thrives to promote collaborative learning, connecting with the hearts and minds of every student, and teaching students how to manage their wellbeing.
We provide a safe and caring environment for our students and teachers where diversity is valued, positive social interactions are promoted, and the risk of harm is minimized. We constantly develop an approach to wellbeing that supports the collective action of parents and school staff members.

EAS has an established Safeguarding Committee which monitors and reviews the safeguarding and child protection arrangements in the school and works attentively to make sure that all our students feel safe and secure. All staff in the school, both teaching and non-teaching, have a responsibility to ensure the protection and welfare of our students. Therefore, every year safeguarding and child protection training is given to all staff. We believe that all our students have a right to be heard, to be listened to and to be taken seriously in case of any concern.

The EAS community demonstrates positive, respectful relationships between staff, students and parents. We provide diverse learning opportunities and environments that promote healthy lifestyle choices. We strongly believe that learning becomes more productive and effective in a joyous classroom where all the students feel safe, secure and accepted.