Middle Years Programme

MYP – Middle Years Programme

The European Azerbaijan School offers an accredited MYP Programme. The programme shares a common philosophy with EAS: a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that develops a student’s intellectual and emotional development, alongside the nurturing of critical thinking skills and international mindedness.

The MYP programme is delivered from Grade 5 and continues through to Grade 9, through MYP units, which allow students to learn by inquiry and to seek the answers to challenging questions. An important aspect of the MYP is that it  requires students to act upon what they learn through Service as Action, Community Projects and Personal Projects, depending on the grade level.  

Subject Areas

The MYP curriculum is broad and varied,  allowing students to explore the following disciplines in each year of the course:

  • Language and Literature (English and Azerbaijani)
  • Language Acquisition ( Russian, German, Spanish and French) 
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • The Arts (Art, Music, Drama)
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Design and Technology
  • Project Based Learning

In Grade 8 and 9

We also offer courses in: 

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Enterprise
  • World History

Approaches to Learning:

Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills are taught explicitly in all subject areas and help students to learn how to learn. This enables them to develop both academic skills and character. The ATL skills are grouped into:

  • Communication skills
  • Social skills: collaboration
  • Self-management skills: organization, affective, reflection
  • Research skills: information literacy and media literacy
  • Thinking skills: critical thinking, creative thinking, transfer

Assessment in the MYP

Assessment in the MYP is criterion-referenced, so students around the world are assessed against pre-specified criteria for each subject group. A variety of assessment strategies are used to enable students to best demonstrate their learning. Tasks are set by teachers throughout  the programme and are assessed internally in the school.