EAS Canteen

SAF Catering is a company that has been serving with its professional chefs since 2015, targeting at customer satisfaction with its delicious menu options and presentation differences.

The company provides catering services for shopping centres, banks, industrial organizations, schools, hospitals and many other institutions. SAF Catering has started as a company focusing on taste, quality, aesthetics, hygiene, and it has been functioning with this motto for 5 years. It is one of the leading and growing companies in the food industry.

SAF Catering has always aimed to maintain the hygiene concept at the highest rate, with the “Quality Control Department”, which has been developed for catering services under the General Quality Management. Taking advantage of the latest technology available, he has set his goals one step further and it continues to use this practice. On a certain day of the week, divisional staff members receive trainings in various topics ranging from customer relationship management, hygiene standards, quality management to food security. The aim of these trainings is to make the services better and ensure sustainable development.

SAF Catering provides catering services to all kind of educational institutions ranging from schools, kindergartens to universities. Under the supervision of an experienced food engineer invited from Turkey, it prepares menus that meet the students’ energy, protein, mineral and vitamin richness and proper nutritional requirements, taking the age of students into account.

SAF Catering is very sensitive while preparing students’ meals, it presents the dishes made in hygienic cuisine in a fun way.

SAF Catering has been serving the students and the faculty of the European Azerbaijan School since its establishment. As the school is an international private school, representatives of different nationalities work here and their children are educated here, too. When preparing the menu, the cooks take it into consideration. They pay special regard to children’s food security and diet. There are fully-equipped kitchens in both buildings of the school. The kitchens in both buildings are used separately for dining services. The European Azerbaijan School is an educational institution where the use of chicken, canned food, energy drinks and other carbonated drinks (cola, fanta, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Branded products of the best brands are used in production. Meat products: 90-120 kg of fresh beef and 10-12 kg of freshly cut lamb meat is used. Once a monthly menu is prepared, it is agreed with the School Doctor and Management. The school administration and the doctor regularly conduct inspections in the dining room and take food tests. Meals are prepared on a monthly basis with different assortments and distributed weekly based on nutritional requirements. At the same time, SAF Catering takes into consideration the existing legislative provisions on food security and food norms of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as international standards.