EAS Canteen

EAS Catering: Providing Healthy and Delicious Meals for Students. In 2023, the European Azerbaijan School (EAS) established a new company to cater to its students and faculty: EAS Catering. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality, taste, aesthetics, hygiene, and customer satisfaction. The company recognizes the importance of food security and diet, especially for children, and has fully equipped kitchens in both buildings of the school that are used separately for dining services.

EAS is an educational institution that strictly prohibits the use of canned food, energy drinks, and other carbonated beverages like Cola and Fanta. The catering company uses fresh beef and freshly cut lamb meat in its meat products to ensure that the food served is healthy and delicious.

To ensure that the food meets the highest standards of quality, the school administration and doctor conducts regular inspections in the dining room and take food tests. Meals are prepared on a monthly basis with different assortments and distributed weekly based on nutritional requirements.

EAS Catering also adheres to the existing legislative provisions on food security and food norms of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as international standards.