CEO of European Azerbaijan School explains goals of hosting first IB conference (PHOTO/VIDEO)


“It is a great experience for us to host the first IB conference in the European Azerbaijan School in collaboration with other two IB (International Baccalaureate) schools in Georgia and Kazakhstan” Francesco Banchini, CEO and Director of the European Azerbaijan School, told Trend in an interview.

The conference will take place on 10-12th December (editor’s note)

“We are working to promote the IB within the framework of our cooperation with these countries. Our activity covers the Caucasus and Central Asia regions. It is a great opportunity for us to share knowledge and understanding in the field of education,” Banchini said.


“With the help of this conference, we are going to provide workshops not only for educators and leaders, but also for businesses and an audience engaged in the field of Human Resources (HR). So there are many different aspects related to education. The promotion of innovation in education is the first purpose, but there are many different sub-standards in this area. Currently, the students are not always in line with the independent learning path or skill based approach. So with this experience, that is, with sharing knowledge and by making different contributions both internationally and locally, we will be able to expand and share understanding with local and international teachers,” Banchini noted.

“Improving the education system in Azerbaijan is also among our goals. We are making a great contribution to Azerbaijan with our strategies by sharing and improving the education system of private schools. In the past, we implemented a project with one of the local schools in Azerbaijan, because we are passionate about education. We would like to continue to help to improve the education system in Azerbaijan,” the director added.

“We are going to have more Azerbaijani private schools, and other local schools in our association. The association seeks to understand and share knowledge, and also promotes teacher training, exchanging educational strategies,” he reiterated.

“We will spare no efforts to support the educational system in Azerbaijan. We are educators and this is our duty. We also support international students who live in Azerbaijan and receive education here. We provide all the students an opportunity to develop,” the CEO added.