Discovering Ancient Mythology: Grade 7 Students Showcase Interdisciplinary Learning in IDU Summative Assessment

Our grade 7 students have truly impressed us with their interdisciplinary knowledge in the recent IDU Summative Assessment. The exhibition entitled “Discover ancient mythology of great empire” showcased their creative abilities as they synthesized their disciplinary knowledge from two subjects, Individuals and Societies (I&S) and English Language. The exhibition featured posters and recreated artifacts that explored the legacy of myths and legends in modern times.

We were honored to have our Secondary Principal, Ms. Lynda, join us for the assessment sessions. Her presence was a testament to the quality of the students’ work and their dedication to excellence. We are proud to see our students integrate their knowledge from various subjects into their projects, demonstrating exceptional interdisciplinary learning.

Congratulations to all of our talented students for their hard work and commitment to excellence. Keep up the great work!

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