Igniting Curiosity in Education: Insights from CEO Francesco Banchini’s Keynote Speech at International Conference on Education 2023

Mr. Francesco Banchini, CEO & Director of European Azerbaijan School, recently had the honour of delivering a thought-provoking speech at the prestigious International Conference on Education 2023 at Khazar University Dunya School, Baku, Azerbaijan. The conference centered around the theme “Embracing Innovation, Inspiring Action,” provided a valuable platform for educators and leaders to explore the role of transformational leadership in education.

During his speech, Mr. Banchini shared insightful perspectives on the topic of “Designing to motivate curiosity in our learning spaces.” Emphasizing the significance of creating engaging environments, he underscored the positive impact that fostering curiosity can have on students’ learning experiences.

We extend our gratitude to the conference organizers for hosting the International Conference on Education 2023 in Baku, Azerbaijan. It was a valuable platform that allowed us to explore the theme of “Embracing Innovation, Inspiring Action” and share insights on designing engaging learning spaces. We appreciate their efforts in bringing together educators and leaders to inspire positive change in education.