Murshud Ismayilzade’s Visit to EAS & Libraff Event: A Remarkable Encounter that Enlightened Young Minds on the Significance of Reading.

EAS and Libraff recently organized an incredible meeting between our 4th grade PYP students and the renowned writer, Murshud Ismayilzade. The event was truly enlightening as Mr. Ismayilzade spoke about his works and shared fascinating insights on the importance of reading books. Our students were captivated by his words and actively participated in a Q&A session where the writer posed thought-provoking questions to stimulate their logical thinking and responses. To further inspire our students, Mr. Ismayilzade kindly signed his books, leaving a lasting impression on our young learners. We firmly believe that such meetings play an integral role in shaping the minds of our students, and we are grateful to for hosting this incredible event.