Workshop on IB Essentials

CEO&Director of EAS and Chairman of the CCAAIBWS, Mr. Francesco Banchini and EAS Secondary Principal, Ms Lynda Thompson’s recent workshop on IB Essentials (International Baccalaureate Essentials) at Azerbaijan Teacher Development Centre delved into the heart of IB education. Participants were able to explore the connection between the IB learner profile and the idea of international mindedness, and deepen their understanding of the various aspects of the IB program through research, engagement, and reflection. The workshop also looked at how the IB can be applied to local contexts through inquiry and action, and examined the role of the IB in teaching and learning.

Overall, the workshop provided valuable insights into the essential elements of the IB program and how they can be leveraged to promote holistic and inquiry-based education. Congratulations to the participants for receiving the International CCAAIBWS Association certificate!