Our Dedication and Difference

EAS staff is very dedicated and committed to the development of our students. It has been worldwide recognized, that teachers who are engaged in teaching and learning, who strive to inspire their students, who are seeking opportunities for life-long learning and professional growth, play a crucial role in the development of the young learners in general.

We are not just committed to teaching but at the same time learning ourselves, advancing the teaching profession, understanding and implementing the latest trends in the education of the 21st century. It goes in line with the international teaching and learning requirements of the IB Programme, that is being successfully implemented in our school.

Our aim is to recruit the experts of their subjects, who have an international-mindedness and global outlook and recognize every child as an individual. All the teachers are carefully chosen and it takes a particularly dedicated and committed person to be accepted to work at EAS. We apply the same standards to other staff members. Admin Staff, Drivers, Security, Canteen and Maintenance workers are also playing a very important role in supporting the educational process and working towards the common Mission and Vision.

As a School, we strongly believe that every child in Azerbaijan has the right to learn, grow and play in a safe and healthy environment. Every member of our school gets regular Child Protection training. We have two Safeguarding Teams operating in both campuses. 

Teachers and professionals in EAS need to be: 

  • Caring with their students, people they work with, local and global community; 
  • Open minded in accepting others and their opinions; 
  • Balanced in understanding their strengths and limitations; 
  • Principled in the respect they demonstrate and have of who, why, how they teach; 
  • Knowledgeable in their subject areas and being able to recognize the beauty of knowledge around them; 
  • Risk takers to try new pedagogical practices and go beyond their comfort zone; 
  • Inquirer in researching ways to integrate new pedagogical methods and ongoing professional development; 
  • Thinkers in finding new solutions in their teaching and working practices and 
  • Reflective to stop and think about what they have done that worked well, could work better and will work well.