Academic success

At EAS Secondary, we do not only focus on the academic excellence of our students. We also help them discover their talent and realise their full potential.We are dedicated to maintaining high educational standards. Our high-quality learning approach ensures that we help every student achieve excellence. With the hard work of our students and teachers alongside with the support of the parents, EAS continues its remarkable academic track record with excellent results.Students at EAS will have the opportunity to help shape a world that is full of opportunities. These opportunities could appear anywhere, and we will equip every child with the confidence and open-mindedness as required by IB, to pursue their dreams, wherever that may take them.

With its international student population, our school will allow your child to meet fellow students from different countries, participate in exchanges and take part in challenges.

They will learn and grow in a truly international environment with the support of foreign teachers, learning to embrace different cultures, adapt to new challenges and apply confidence, character and enthusiasm to any problem. We believe a child should emerge from school with strong self-esteem as well as excellent grades. They will know how to collaborate, to lead, and to recognise the value of creativity, empathy, open-mindedness, risk-taking and perseverance.

As an IB School, EAS Secondary encourages its students to develop confidence in social situations, an understanding and respect for a range of global cultures, and the confidence to behave with character and embrace opportunities anywhere in the world. They will also be encouraged to play a role in the local community through excursions and activities.

Knowledge competitions play an important role in increasing the interest of lower grades in various subjects and conducting purposeful work with them.

EAS has been participating in the International Knowledge Olympiad in Antalya, Turkey organised by the Academy of Tourism since 2017. Our students have achieved good results.  

The students had a chance to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in English and Russian languages, as well as Math and Art.