Asif Jahangirov

All his career relates to education. He began his pedagogical career as a village teacher. At the age of 28 he was appointed the Head of Sumgayit City Education Department, then he worked as the Head of Division and the Chairman of the Head Office of the Schools at the Ministry of Education Azerbaijan Republic. Later he was appointed the Head of Main Education Department of Baku City. He also worked as the Director of the Project Imlementation (Coordination) Unit of Azerbaijan Education Reform Project founded with the loan agreement signed with the World Bank. 

He has always paid a great attention to the improvement of his education level and competences and strived to learn the most current international practices in education. He participated with lectures and presentations in international conferences and seminars held in 22 countries (the USA, Finland, Sweden, England, Israel, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, etc.)

Some of his numerous conceptual approaches about general education are as follows:

  • Each child is a unique world and a child stands on the highest rank of the  education management hierarchy. The main duty of a teacher, a director, educational departments and a Ministry of Education, that stand on the lower levels of the hierarchy, is to provide constant educational opportunities that take into consideration the students’ main inclinations, interests, cognitive abilities and intellectual uniqueness;
  • The teacher is the most important person in the child’s learning journey. He/she should have advanced subject knowledge, general cultural and pedagogical competences and should be provided with incessant professional development to fulfill the duties required by modern education;
  • A school should function in a permanent improvement regime. The teachers, the students and the school administrators should always make progress;
  • The path to success in education is to constantly cooperate and communicate with the families/guardians. Pedagogical enlightenment of guardians is a significant factor leading to success;
  • Provision of perfect education, safe functional condition for students and school staff, lasting security of students’ health is the main duty of the School Management.

Currently, he is the member of the Public Council attached to the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic and the president of the International Association of Educational Institutions of Humanist Pedagogics.

In these years, he was awarded the title of “Honoured Teacher of the Azerbaijan Republic” (2000), gained the “Taraggi” medal of the government (2017) and was awarded the golden badge of “The Knight of Humanist Pedagogics” by the International Centre of Humanist Pedagogics” (2018).

Last but not least one of his greatest personal accomplishments is that he has been happily married to Rena Jahangirova (Kadirova). She is a teacher of Azerbaijan Language and Literature. They have 3 children and 6 incredible grandchildren.