STEAM offers practical and interdisciplinary approach over education. Goal of the STEAM is to develop a creative, innovative and productive individuals with the skill to be able to realize ideas. STEAM moves forward schools to this target and along Science,Technology, Engineering and Math, Art also had been added to the STEAM concept  so it caused to develop all STEAM  education approach. By this reason new education approach is called STEAM.

The goal of the European Azerbaijan School STEAM Education is to conduct project research and improving and to develop new creative specialists through evaluating contained information.

STEAM is shortcut of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Art. It based on avoid separately teaching subjects instead of complex teaching on primary and secondary levels and increases in the worldwide gradually.

STEAM Education is applied on our school and academic achievements of our students, implemented projects, STEAM Education success on national and international competitions indicates successful implementation of STEAM stream.

The base of STEAM education is to conduct different subjects together, to develop projects and to implement developed projects. Students improving their mathematical thinking skills also increase working ability on the science. To strengthen science and education infrastructure through obtained mathematical thinking skills on primary and secondary levels and to join production process to project-based education lets students to turn into production their ideas in the frame of Steam Education. Actually, it is one of the inspiring moments of the project.

The aim of STEAM education is to nurture youths with 21st century’s skills who will be able to realize their ideas and to manufacture products to add value to the  life through mixing technology and engineering education with learning theoretical knowledge introduced by basic sciences.


Along with  the Design and Technology classes, STEAM classes are also held at the European Azerbaijan School. Grade 5 students created the first prototypes of the insect patterns which they worked on the topic “Symmetrical Patterns” at the Design and Technology classes and then  completed the final design with a 3D Pen, and these final designs were demonstrated at our school’s Art Exhibition.

Following the students worked on the character design (a figure) on the Tinkercard program for the book desgin created by themselves. They sketched on the different 3,2 D designs, realized created compositions through 3D Printer and analyzed them.

Our students move foward on the design  and creation of  technologies of the products created by themselves.