Professional development

At EAS, we provide our teachers with ongoing professional development to maintain the knowledge and skills as well as share expertise. We believe in different approaches to Professional Development such as consultation, coaching, mentoring, technical assistance, lesson studies, and of course, in-school, oversees, and online workshops and training. All mentioned forms of Professional development are very successful in our school and can address immediate concerns, enhance the competencies in a specific area, provide a process of observation, reflection, and action accordingly. There are PD days allocated in EAS yearly calendar where Senior Leadership Team, as well as teaching staff, are involved in organizing the workshop sessions and sharing their expertise. 

Successes and Achievements

EAS Secondary delivers high quality, transformational education and ensures excellent academic outcomes and is achieving this by going beyond traditional learning. Our goals and targets enable us to recruit and retain high-achieving professional local and international teachers. We offer unforgettable experiences to our teachers, allowing them to join various global and regional events to empower personally and professionally. Our engaging learning environments ensure that all of our students love coming to school.

As EAS is the culturally diverse school, working here has urged our local teachers to cultivate their intercultural competence so that they could work more successfully, which makes them different from their colleagues in other schools. In such a setting, teachers are expected to perform complex roles to meet the needs of the students and expectations of the parents. They have to deploy methods to cultivate all students’ problem-solving, decision-making and critical/logical thinking skills to avoid future risks of social exclusion and marginalization. It is equally important to take into account students’ identities, learning styles in their educational practice so that we could provide them with equal learning opportunities.

To achieve all this, we continuously invest in our teachers’ professional development and create opportunities for them to build on their existing skills. As an IB school, it is a must for our teachers to take PYP, MYP and/or DP professional development courses to meet the students’ learning needs. We expect that teachers should not focus on the cultivation of knowledge, rather than at their students’ moral and socio-emotional development. Empowering teachers to endorse these roles through professional development courses contributes decisively to the success and improvement of our school.

Recent emergency situation empowered our teachers in a different way which is entirely new for us. With the official decision of the break-in teaching-learning process due to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), EAS changed the format of the teaching-learning process and started online teaching from 3 March. Harnessing innovative teaching and state-of-the-art technology allowed our teachers to create real-time, authentic learning environment during that period. It helped students and teachers stay in connection, collaborate and learn through new online options. This process intensified teacher-parent relations and improved the effectiveness of the process. All in all, our School was successful enough in this new challenging process and did not give any interval for the learning-teaching process.