🔹 What is a BTEC?

Ever wondered how to turn your passion into a career? Say hello to BTECs – the bridge to your dreams!

As an International IB School, we’re proud to expand our educational portfolio with the IB Career-Related Programme. BTEC perfectly complements this initiative, providing our students and teachers with an even broader platform for growth and excellence.

🔹 What is a BTEC?

BTECs, or Business & Technology Education Council qualifications, are designed to empower you with practical skills that the world demands. Grounded in the reality of work, BTEC courses are structured around themed units, allowing you to apply your knowledge in real-life scenarios from day one.

🔹 Why Choose BTEC?

BTECs offer a hands-on learning experience, where you’ll be assessed throughout the course. This dynamic approach hones your problem-solving skills, adaptability, and initiative – qualities highly valued by employers and universities alike.

Click the link below and explore the possibilities that await you:

👉 https://btecworks.com/