Growing a Greener Future: Our Successful Tree-Planting Campaign.

🌳🌱 We are thrilled to share the success of our tree-planting campaign, organized by our dedicated PTA representatives, with a special shoutout to Mr. Rasim Gasimov and Ms. Jeyla Ragimova! 🙌

🌿 Our students enthusiastically participated in this wonderful initiative, rolling up their sleeves to plant trees in the school yard of our Primary Campus. Together, they made a lasting impact on our environment and took a significant step towards a greener future. 🌎✨

🌳 With each tree carefully planted, our students showcased their commitment to sustainability and their understanding of the vital role trees play in creating a healthier planet. Their dedication and hard work have made our school grounds even more beautiful and provided a green sanctuary for future generations to enjoy. 🌿💚