MiniBoss Business School’s Startup Forum 2023 Showcases Young Entrepreneurs’ Innovative Projects and Potential

The MiniBoss Business School organized the Startup Forum 2023 in Baku, where 14 teams of children and adolescents between the ages of 6-17 presented their innovative business projects to entrepreneurs and investors. Each team received grants ranging from 500 manats to 2,010 manats based on their presentations. The startups presented at the event covered a wide range of fields, including food, ecology, textiles, alternative energy, information technologies, and social projects.

The MiniBoss Business School has a global presence with 70 branches in 27 countries, providing children and adolescents with opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial skills and leadership potential. The school also hosts national and world championships in entrepreneurship for young people each year, with the upcoming world championship set to take place in Glasgow, Scotland from July 16-20.

Francesco Banchini, the CEO and director of the European Azerbaijan School, was invited to the jury panel as an honored guest. This recognition is a testament to his expertise in the field of education and his commitment to supporting young people in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

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