Nurturing Safe and Empowered Learners: Prioritizing Child Safety Education at Our Primary School

At our primary school, we prioritize the holistic development of our students, including their personal, social, and health education. Recently, we held special assemblies, led by our exceptional school counselor and deputy principal for well-being, Ms. Fidan Jafarova.

During these age-appropriate sessions, separate assemblies were held for girls and boys, where we aimed to equip our pupils with crucial safety skills while respecting their innocence. Ms. Jafarova introduced important topics, fostering a safe and open environment:

✨ Understanding the parts of the body✨ Recognizing “appropriate” and “inappropriate” touching✨ Empowering our students to say no to anything that makes them feel upset or uncomfortable✨ Identifying trustworthy individuals to turn to when feeling upset or worriedWe firmly believe that children are the seeds that make our future blossom. By teaching these essential skills at a young age, we empower our students and cultivate a safer, more secure environment for their growth.

Heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Fidan Jafarova for her dedication and invaluable contribution to our students’ well-being. Together, we are nurturing a generation equipped with knowledge, confidence, and resilience. 💪🌱
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